After 10 years of celibacy and devoting myself to work-and

After 10 years of celibacy and devoting myself to work-and trying to find a boyfriend/life mate- I found a high school hottie on FB. He instantly friended me-and we hooked up. Then, I found out he was in a very unhappy marriage. I thought he would end it/in the process of ending it. He made sensual advances on me that left me liquified in my chair. Little by little-it was coming across he wanted more. I pursued it out of frustration about my dead end dating life-but, our encounters were leaving bruises and injury complications to back muscles. There was no going out-and every suggestion was turned down. I finally ended up at E.R. for ruptured ovarian cyst-related to the roughness of his encounters. He didn't care-told me so. This is how I started my return to a sex life? He was a serial cheater-and even shared some of his stories-he's either full of himself or stupid. I haven't seen him, nor will I-blocked my phones-and want no contact from him. I've NEVER been hurt like that during sensuality-I can't explain it, nor do I want to dwell on it. But, I wanted to receive feedback from others that made that experienced this painful discovery-and how they rose above it all.

I'm hearing more and more stories like yours. I'm a male who is gentle with women. I've always thought sex was supposed to be pleasant and wonderful. Is this a new trend? I have no answes for you yet. But I'm here as a friend. You're doing the right thing but removing him from your life. He seems abusive.