After 3 months of fighting to save our relationship, no prog

After 3 months of fighting to save our relationship, no progress has been made. I'm starting to think more and more about giving up, but I just love her too much. I have tried everything but she isn't the same person I fell in love with. Do I keep trying and hope things get better?

Does she seem to be willing to put as much into saving the relationship that you do? If you can answer "yes" perhaps it can be salvaged. It does take two though. I learned that the hard way. Sometimes it's just time to move on. Any type of relationship takes work and it just doesn't seem to work if both aren't vested.

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Only try with someone who is willing to try as well. It will only drain you and keep you in an unhappy situation.

If she's not helping to change things,then go. The pain of leaving will eventually subside. The pain of staying will go on and on.

Sometimes we have to let the ones we love go. It will be better on you in the long run.

Been there,done that.

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@Exhale You are right. Holding on takes more strength than letting go.

@g810tens. With not so much information to go on, I think 3 months is a fair amount of time to try to make a difference in ones relationship. If she isn't showing any concern or change in the past 3 months, its time for 20 questions. You are not children, you deserve to know where your relationship stands. We all do. If you are still living in the same house which it seems by your post. Then there is no reason I can think of that would not warrant a sit down serious conversation. You can only do so much alone. If she isn't willing to work at things also, then I think you have your unfortunate answer. There really isn't enough information in your post to properly say for sure. What happened in the first place that resulted in the two of you not being on the same page supporting one another's dreams and aspirations? I would be glad to help going forward with more information. We could also pm message privately. I will support you now. If you want to support me back, then you have two outlets within this site to get and give advice on. Good luck and I am sorry you are in this position.