After a two year relationship, living together, planning to After a two year relationship, living together, planning to

After a two year relationship, living together, planning to get married and have children, my Narc broke up with me (for the second time) on September 21 and I've gone no contact since October 2nd. Two weeks ago a mutual friend told me that she had fallen head over heels for somebody else. Now that I, slowly, am coming out of the fog I realize that she wasn't capable of loving me in a healthy way. I still find myself so desirous of her, of looking at her facebook profile, and most of all of just getting some type of contact from her. She was so critical, so disrespectful, and so unhealthy for me.

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Welcome to the group. You need to block from everything...including social media. All it does is keep wounds open and won't heal

Agreed! There are studies that say the more time on social media, the more depression.
Get out and live life. It's not easy but it is better than staring at the picture of someone who isn't good to you, or anybody until they get some help.

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Thanks guys, I've been going back and forth on blocking her. I haven't looked at her profile since Oct 2nd, though I've been pretty tempted.

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You could always try, if it seems too much to stop yourself, give someone you know like a parent, your password, have them change it so if you tried you'd have 10 extra minutes to stop yourself while doing a password reset.

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i feel for you my friend, we are in the same situation, i miss my ex gf so much and its a similar story in many ways, i wanted to ask you if you could describe some of the behaviours of your gf during the 2 year relationship, did she do silent treatment? did you have cycles of idealization devaluation discard? was she very self-centered? did she have any empathy? did she care about your projects?