After allot of talks, I have finally been told the reason my

After allot of talks, I have finally been told the reason my partner cheated, I would like to share this as it leads me to believe the risk of this happening again is very high and I should consider ending this marriage.
A little background, my partner has had it drummed into her, from her mother, that men are useless and women have to look after themselves and their husbands.
The reason was due to validation, when angry or upset she would sleep with or reach out to men to be validated, it was also for power. When she would be upset she would want to gain power and control by sleeping with men to feel she has power and control.
Fast forward to the present day my wife still seems to have a distaste for men.
She has said she sees the error of her ways and wont disrespect herself to that standard again and wont cheat again as that is not what she wants.
For me, I feel in the future if she is angry or revengeful then she could easily cheat again if the opportunity arose.
She has also admitted she did in fact start cheating from a young age and its been a pattern up until now.
Am I risking future heartache? Its been a year since and I am still struggling as much as I did a year ago and all our talking has made me feel I cannot build meaningful trust with this person.
I fear forgiving as I think it will happen again, I know if I leave It would be easier to forgive knowing she cannot hurt me anymore

It really depends on the work she is doing? Does she really want to change these ingrained habits ( lookup family of origin FOO issues - lot’s of info out there). She will likely need the help of a professional to work on these issues for real long term change to result. You may also want to do some research on trauma bonding and why we would stay with someone who hurts us repeatedly.

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