After my husband had radiation for his prostate cancer he ca

After my husband had radiation for his prostate cancer he can no longer maintain or sometimes get and erection. How long does this last?

That is a question for the doctors, but someone on the group the other day said the pump is the way to go in terms of getting your sex life back.

it took me about seven years after surgery to get an erection. It lasts no more than five minutes now.

@mkohn well it’s been 2 years for me and I haven’t had an erection either , yours only last 5 minutes. Is it still the same size it was before the surgery

Have you tried Trimix injections? Implants are also quite popular. Check out ED forums. They have some clinical demonstration videos there for pumping, injecting and lots of other ED related info. I personally am a BIG advocate for the Trimix injections as they are much better and stronger than Viagra or Cialis and can give me a few HOURS of stamina without the headaches. Trimix is made at compounding pharmacies and is very affordable to have it made. Find a good urologist that prescribes Trimix is key.

@Bob1974 I tried the injections and we stopped at a low dose because I moved. I may try it again. I can’t imagine stabbing my penis before having sex though.

Its been a couple few years for me. I had prostate surgery scooping it out. (pain extremely).
I am on 10 + prescriptions. Depression attempted suicide twice.
I go through sperts of craving a hardon . I have tried almost everything. Pills pumps. There are days I want to be naked and cudel and stroke the bodys.

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@Lostlooking yeah I know it’s tough man I just got a penis pump and it seems to be working to some certain degree if you want to chat more hit me back at [email protected].