After several attempts, I conclude that the sleep tests are

After several attempts, I conclude that the sleep tests are fake or out to put as many CPAP machines to use as possible.

I realized that I had several situations that would prevent/interrupt my sleep. I also found out that the Insurance would cover only one test so I started asking questions such as "What happens if the test was not conclusive, would I be able to run the test after a few adjustments?" No one seemed to be able to answer this probably because the number of people involved (from doctors to the clerk running the test, no one talked to each other.)

I discovered a reliable way to get to sleep, usually 10 minutes without drugs. I also found that by inclining the head of the bed, my foot circulation improved which reduced the minor yet very uncomfortable sensations. I also changed the head/neck support helped me avoid back pain. There were others but you get the picture. All of these symptoms were dismissed until after I was given the test.

After 4 attempts of getting the test, I gave up because they were not interested in me as a patient and my observations. No one was willing to consider anything other than breathing problems to find out why I wasn't getting sleep.

I believe the whole operation is fraudulent.
Any opinions?

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Wow this is amazing. I would never do the sleep study test for I am not going to wear the CPAP thing. I just feel that would really interrupt my sleep more. I am going to try what you have said to see if it might work for me and my sleeping issues. Good luck. xo

Don't get me wrong, sleep apnea is probably a real thing and might well be a health hazard. However, I don't think it should be the first line of attack which is contrary to that the "professionals" (profiteers) claim. While I was looking for alternative reasons for lack of sleep, I actually considered looking to test mattresses in hotel rooms. I never found one that has a sleep number or water bed but then I did not explore it much.

For me, a good incline head down to foot helped. Silk sheets caused me to slide down though. (:
Two Napraxin Sodium tablets before bed helped too.

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@EsmelGork I take two tylenol Pm’s and it helps me along with magnesium but yes I still have my nights that I just can’t get comfortable.