After talking with my therapist and doing a lot of thinking,

After talking with my therapist and doing a lot of thinking, I acknowledge that I like women more than men. Also I have a hard time getting over the trauma because I'm still holding on to trying to be heterosexual when I'm not. I'm done lying to myself. My friends knows I'm bisexual but not my family. At this point I'm done dating men and determined to find happiness.

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Don't do that you should have what you want in life and if you like girls then be with girls you have that right

@CuteGirl1 I agree. It took me awhile to accept and acknowledge it. I’m done beating myself up trying to be heterosexual.

You're the only one who can determine what happiness is for you. Go get it!

@LifeOutOfOrder thank you. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder

please explain in 2 words: what is to be "bisexual" for u? what do u expect from men and what u feel ?

@pachinotomas if I had to choose 2 words to describe my view and feelings about bisexuality, it would be “love” and “liberation”. Bisexuality to me means not being confined to love just one gender while attracted to both. The key is attraction. I have a strong attraction to women but I’m also attracted to men and bisexuality is the acknowledgement and acceptance of those attractions. When it comes to men, I want a man that is caring, kind, and honest. I expect to be treated fairly and gently, without any persecution. I have a hard time dealing with men and mostly they make me feel uncomfortable but I can’t deny that every once in a while there has been a man that I think is attractive. However, I’ve been attracted to more women than men.

You have to follow your heart. Be who you are, not who others want you to be. Maybe that will change for you and maybe not. You are wonderful just the way your are.

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