Aftermath from my ED

Even though I am fighting to recover and doing well (most days), I have a constant reminder of my ED's significance. Almost 2 years ago now I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). I have many of the bad side effects from this sucky syndrome and this week I had confirmed one more reason why EDs suck. I have hypothyroidism caused by years of constant dieting. Now I have to experiment with different kinds of medications to see what will work best to replace my missing thyroid hormones.
In a way it feels good to have an answer to why I require 10 hours of sleep, have super low energy, am prone to depression, etc. Maybe this will be a stepping stone toward feeling better physically as I heal myself mentally from the torment of the last 7 years of my life with my ED. But I'm also annoyed that I did this to myself. Now I might have to be on medication for the rest of my life. It could also compromise my future fertility because fertilized eggs don't like underactive thyroids.
Where was all of this information when I was searching the internet for the next great diet? I swear when I have my own biology class someday I will do everything I can to educate my students about the risks of dieting.
Anyways, does anyone else here suffer from damage caused by your ED? And I don't mean the emotional damage because we obviously are all suffering from that.
Thanks for reading this, I needed to vent!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :-)

hey, iv been very fortunate to not experience damage to my body to that extent, and im so sorry you have. i guess the damage to my body would be stomach ulcers (waaay too much diet coke and vomiting), and lactose intolerance. also because of the diet coke and/or mixture of sweetners or something it could be why i have a tumor.
theres more but yeah...
this probably doesn't count but because of the emotional aftermath we all suffer, my body has gone through a great deal of self harm, which has landed me with stitches and a broken bone.

I don't think we can separate the physical effects from the emotional... Emotional stress has very real physical effects, and vice versa. As much as we want to analyze, break apart and understand our various components, I believe we're much more WHOLE than separate. I understand your question. :) Just adding my own take on it. ;0)

Oh I definitely agree with you that the physical and emotional come together. Stress has a profound impact on my body, it always has. I'm just frustrated because both of my issues could have been prevented.

Britta...I am so glad that you found a reason for some of your physical problems...and this is one that can totally be handled! I also have hypothyroidism, and I have been taking medication for over 10 years for it...and it is totally controlled! It's really an easy one to take care of. I hope you are working with a good endocrinologist who will monitor your medication and hormone levels to make sure that you are getting the dosage that you need.
This is not your fault....please don't take on what you need to to take care of yourself....wishing you well..Jan ♥