I need to train a text to speech program, or figure out an audio feed to this site or something. Theirs a bunch of stuff I'd love to share. But it takes me forever to type, spell check and edit everything...


Use YouTube and then paste the link in your posts. Just make sure you create a USER ID that you don't use in normal Internet activities for YouTube.

The reason for this is to avoid having an employer, friends, family members or others from seeing your posts. Not everyone out there is understanding when it comes to issues of mental hygiene.

Cool idea LHM. Thanks..



I think they still have typing classes in school. If only for those seeking computer literacy. I took one in the 70s and the knowledge these days has been why I even tackle thez thngs called compters.
One semester is all it takes and it's really pretty freaking easy.
Good luck.

I can custom design and make from scratch a computer or many different computers specifically tailored for what you want to use it for.

I can program a computer in OSX Linux Unix Windows or Doss in 7 different scripting or stand alone languages. Write web pages in a text editor completely by hand no software. Including auto run Flash movies and fancy Java script gadgets. Manipulate digital graphics or audio in just about any way you can think of. Design and maintain large corporate networks, Intra nets, internet or both. wired or wireless Have run my own Web server for years, can design and launch online interactive applications, such as the one you are reading from presently… and on and on and on.

But I never took an interest in typing. I’m not a secretary. Actually many high level business executives can’t type either. Thus (one) of the needs for a secretary. and I don’t mean that in a bad way either. Secretary’s are very intelligent Highly skilled people who lots of times know more about what’s going on than the Boss. And deserve allot more credit than they get.

Actually I’m very close to getting the bugs worked out of a program that I can simply talk to and it does the typing for me. It’s been proven that typing is more of a motor skill, training your fingers where to go with out even having to think about it.

And when it comes to that I would much rather apply it to playing VanHaylen solos on one of my many guitars.

Text to speech is simple. Speech to text is not quite as easy. I’m rater enjoying figuring out how to just talk to a computer and have it do what I want it to.

Sorry didn’t mean to go postal on ya. I get carried away with that sort of thing.

I’ll hunt and peck for a little bit longer till I can just talk to you :wink:



"To each his own."



very true.