"She existed in that dream space in which
you run without moving, from a terror in
which you cannot believe, toward a safety
in which you have no faith."

William Faulkner

Came across this quote and for me it really summed up my worst days of agorophobia. My fear of everything. At the same time feeling of horror at the idea that this is now my reality. And I don't, at those times, have any idea howto get out of it. It's a wonder,at those times, I don't kill myself. I would never do it, but that's about as close as I come.

Can anyone else relate?


I go through periods where I'm afraid to leave the house and yet I'm afraid to stay in the house. I make sure the doors are well locked but I make sure I have an exit plan too. I used to love to drive but now I wonder how I'll evade a semi's flat tire if it explods while I'm behind him, or passing him. I try to not leave town very much. If I do I don't drive I backseat drive. I'm always edgy and thinking of whys and why nots. I may not completely relate to your fear of everything, but I believe I can relate with constant fear. I've never thought about this so in depth until I came across your post. Love the quote by the way- so on the nose.

However, we only live this life once. To live in constant fear will only hold you back from achieving your hopes and dreams. I suggest trying to challenge yourself each day or each week with something new. Anything. Baby steps is all it takes.

I hope you had a good day. Take care.

This is profoundly perfect.

You do NOT have to "Stay this way" .... trust me! I was on here a lot about a year or so ago and I've made progress and my days are much better....but it takes work! Behavior and thought changes to make the change.....

I like it!

you can change! Do you have a therapist to guide you??

my name is mike
i feel that way sometimes
that quote is something to put in your signature
pm me if you need/want someone to talk to