Today was a hard day to stay sober. I have been sober since March 2019 and I’m proud of that. Why is it so hard to stay sober? Does the craving ever go away or am I crazy for thinking of just having one drink? I know having one drink will be having a whole bottle of wine.

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This is a great question! I too am an alcoholic addict in recovery and I am so happy that I quit drinking and using.

The disease of alcoholism has two parts one is physical craving, and the other is mental obsession. When somebody completes detox and the alcohol and drugs have been removed from the equation )whatever the addiction is) the mental obsession will kick in even harder to try to get the person to drink again.

It’s the mental obsession that has to be treated to achieve long-term sobriety. Once you take a drink or a drug it starts up the physical craving and it’s like a big terrible cycle.

Alcoholism centers in the mind. The disease itself “alcoholism” actually can be treated many ways. It can be treated with alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, inhalants, gambling, sex, porn, eating, the list goes on and on.

All of those addictions are used to treat the same disease … “alcoholism”.

It’s not enough to just quit. You must treat your thinking in order for that obsession to really stop.

Let me know if you have any more questions .

You are so strong and i’m proud of you. Cravings will occur and when it does, really take the feeling in and ask yourself, “Why an I having this craving” What am I trying to distract myself from? allow yourself to feel what you feel then appreciate the NOW, try not to think of the future and create mental movies of situations that have yet to occur. Then Go for a walk, watch a movie, eat some ice cream or do a quick home work out. It will take your mind off drinking.

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