Allergic to many things

I found out a little over a year ago that I am allergic to like 5 pages of foods! Basically, the only thing I'm not allergic to are a few vegetables, chicken, pork, and rice. I have stuck to this "diet" for a year now, but I have found eating has become a dreaded step in everyday life. Everywhere I go, I can't find hardly anything to eat when I go out with friends. If I go to family dinners or visiting friends, I have to make sure they prepare for me. If not, I have to carry my own food with me, which makes things really akward at times. I get tired of having to explain to everyone, all the time. It becomes embrassing. Does anyone else deal with so many food allergies? How do you cope?

Hi Lisa,

I discovered your post this morning, and my heart goes out to you. As i read your story, i also felt like i was reading about a part of my life, too, that has been very difficult, and still unfolding. More than a year ago, i was told by one doctor that i have alot of food "intolerances", based on a blood test. He advised avoiding those foods for at least a few months; so i began to try. The list is long and includes peanuts, most nuts, soy, corn , cottonseed oil, and on and on.

Basically all i could eat are mild fish, certain vegetables,
gluten-free grains.

Meanwhile, i have also been dx with diverticulosis, GERD, and digestive problems....

But the doctors have been uncertain, and alot of this seems to be trial and error.

I have lost weight, and that is a big concern.

this week, i had a small amount of peanut butter, which looking back was probably not the best thing to do. Anyhow,i was fine for a day, then started to feel woozy, faint, loss of appetite, and my stomach got distended, several days later, and abdominal distress, and severe fatigue.

So, i don't know what to do, except that i am not going to eat peanuts again. And i will talk to my doctor.

This is just a piece of the story. I would like to talk more about the social part, which you have experienced, and discuss that.

I hope you get this. And that you are feeling alright. i am trying to keep things in persepective, but it is not always easy!

May God give us comfort, help and strength as we deal with these food allergies.

My name is Kathy Flament, and I am recruiting participants for a study about food allergies. The study is taking place in Denver, Chicago and Philadelphia May 18th, 19th and 20th. We’re conducting this study so providers of medications for food allergies can make improvements in their pharmaceuticals and quality of care.

In each city, we speak with allergists, pediatricians, ICU specialists, patients and caregivers. The study has a small sample (number of participants). We speak with 8 - 12 people in each city. The ages of patients we speak with are 12 and over. Patients under 18 are asked to have parents or care givers present, but the questions are directed to patients. In Denver, interviews can be conducted over the phone this week or at a focus group facility in downtown Denver THIS AFTERNOON! - SO sorry for the late notice, but I just found out about your website. We are also eager to speak with adults aged 27 to 50 about food allergies, too.

The goals of the study are to understand:
· Presence/importance of severe food allergies in daily life, especially pediatric and juvenile
· Affect of food allergies on quality of life
· Process of diagnosis of severe allergies, especially pediatric and juvenile
· Decision-making process re treatment(s)
· Awareness pharmaceuticals
· Efficacy/preference/combinations
· Reaction to target pharmaceutical

That's a lot to cover in one hour so you might not touch on all of those topics, but the list gives you the general direction. to thank participants for their time and trouble, a cash gift of $150 is given with an additional $20 for completed homework.

If anyone is interested, please return an email to [email protected] or call me at 240-678-4080 . I will administer about 3 minutes of screening questions, set up an appointment..

Let me know if you would like to participate or have other questions.
Thank you so very much

I just had an endoscopic exam of my upper esophageal track and the result was that I have undigested foods present. Don't know yet the result of the biopsy that they took that showed severe inflammation. The digestive enzymes that I have been taking in addition to probiotics daily of 50 billion cultures don't seem to do any good, since I've been on them for over 5 months. I have a ph urine level of 6.0. In addition, I am a Type 2 Diabetic. I had been diagnosed about 5 years ago with diverticulosis, but was not treated for this because of fear of too many meds that are not getting digested. You see, I'm having a really rough time not knowing which foods I can eat. I need to know if anyone else has these issues and how they are coping. Thanks, Mary Anne44

When I read your post, I could instantly relate to you. I'm lactose intolerant, and also mildly allergic to nuts (due to severe asthma). It drives me crazy because most things have nut traces or lactose in them, including most of the medication I'm on. It's horrible to have to severely limit your diet, especially because I also suffer from EDNOS, which means I struggle even more! But I've started to eat gluten and dairy free organic rice cakes, with soya spread and things like that. Also, gluten free wholewheat pasta is good if you mix it with some sort of pesto or sauce that you aren't allergic to. If you need to talk, just message me. :)

Hello everyone,

Some of the posts for this discussion are quite old but the truth about food allergies is that it's an ongoing battle so I figure it's okay to respond. I'm also allergic to many foods and some that are quite common so I'm very limited in what I can eat. I can relate to the awkwardness this can create as food is often the center of any social gathering. One thing I often do is to eat on my own prior to attending an event. Preparing my own food is the best bet as it's always risky for me to eat food others have prepared and some of the reactions I experience can be severe. I created laminated food allergy cards so I can readily provide them to a food server, chef, or friend. This has been very helpful in communicating my food allergies and I also added "anaphylaxis risk" to the card so others understand the seriousness my allergies. I wish I'd known about the study posted above so I could have participated but it is good to see that research in the area is ongoing. I hope that some day there will be a cure.

please if u have found anything on recipes for soy and peanut interlerant please message me my daughter of 15 months is allergic to soy and peanuts idk what to do im freaking out

The Phoenix Allergy Network may be helpful for you - I included their link below. They have a lot of activities for children with food allergies.

Here are links to websites for recipes for those with food allergies: