Almost a week after onset of shingles. Taking antiviral zovi

Almost a week after onset of shingles. Taking antiviral zovirax, just finished steroids. Now a rash over my left foot top and instep. Weird thing is the shingles was on my right side

You never can tell what shingles is going to do. I really struggled with it. Hope your pain is not too bad !!

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@compflyer thank you. Hope same for you.

struggling with shingles for about five months now. They were on the right side of my face, ear and hairline. My gums remain numb and I still have some pain mostly when in very cool area. I have not had any chemo during this time as my counts dropped too low and have not bounced back . CT this Thurdsay. My lymphoma is mainly in my liver and was dx'd a year ago this month. Any suggestions for the numbness in my mouth.

Here are some ideas for you - the CBD oil might actually help with the cancer - do your research on Hemp CBD Oil for Cancer. The CBD Oil has helped my husband get the Shingles pain under control.
I had shingles about 25 years ago and know how awful it can be, so as soon as my husband broke out in the rash and started complaining about the pain, I knew he had shingles.

His started with a rash in the hairline, it traveled down the back of his neck, went into his ear (the ear swelled up to twice the size), all across his cheek and down the front of his neck. The pain intensified at night - during the day it was a 6-7 on a scale of 1 to10, at night it was a 9-10 - so sleeping was very difficult - most nights he would get an hour or so and then sleep on and off throughout the day. The pain was much worse right when he woke up.

I did a lot of research on the internet to see what might help - we tried a number of things - some worked, some didn't and I want to share those.

The doctor prescribed the standard anti-viral and a pain killer of codeine and Tylenol. The pain killer didn't even touch the pain - we didn't want anything stronger because it can be so addictive. Some easy home remedies that helped soothe the rash include a 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar in a lukewarm bath and rubbing coconut oil on the skin helped calm things down.

I found some research on Cimetidine - this is the ingredient in Tagamet (available at the drugstore) which had some double blind tests for shingles with pretty impressive results. He started on this right away (3 a day and two at bedtime) and we feel like it helped slow down the spread of the virus/blisters. We tried Abreeva (from the drugstore) - this is the ointment for cold sores - a relative to the herpes virus. This would soothe the blisters some - but it is quite expensive (very small tube for $20) - so we used use it only on the worst blisters. I found a product online called Emuaid ( or cheaper through EBay because of no shipping) - this is an ointment that touts that it is for shingles relief. We got the Emuad Max and it helped to calm the rash.

We tried several Homeopathic preparations - these really didn't seem to do much - they were: Sulfur - for skin irritations, Hypericum perforatum and Arnica Montana - both for pain - in my opinion, not worth the money.

I was familiar with a German Homeopathic company called Sanum. We had used some of their products in the past for other things and got good results - I found they had one product called Quentakehl - Google "Quentakehl for Shingles" and you can read what it does. We were able to find some from a company in Australia and got this the middle of the third week - it definitely helped, but to back up....

By the end of the second week, the rash looked like it was starting to calm down - blisters were crusting etc, but he said the pain was getting worse every day. We were making progress on the rash, but the pain was going in the wrong direction.

I refused to give up hope that we could find something - so I kept searching. I came across the most effective thing we found - it is CBD oil (Cannabinoid oil) from the stalk of the Hemp plant (not the Cannabis variety). If you are unfamiliar with this (I had never heard of it) you MUST research CBD oil from Hemp - Google "CBD Oil for Shingles" and "CBD Oil for nerve pain or neuropathy" - CBDs are the part of Medical Marijuana that actually helps heal the body - but since it comes from Hemp it is legal to buy it in all 50 states. It does not create any "high". We ordered some from a wholesale company called (talk to Nick). They supply the raw product to many of the retail companies that then dilute it/mix it and sell it at a higher price. It isn't cheap - about $250 with shipping (this is wholesale) and pricing varies depending on the concentration of CBD present in the oil. The same amount of product is about $650 retail from companies such as, or - however on these sites you can order smaller quantities for around $150 -$200 to try it, also look at Cibdex twitter feeds - they sometimes offer discount coupons for 40% off - try LD40 at checkout. I also found one place that sells it and offers a 30 day money back guarantee -

Here is what we experienced - We received it about 7:30 PM from UPS - took first dosage - he said it immediately calmed it down, but about 15 minutes later it flared up and felt worse. Then about 1 hour later the pain dropped off considerably. That night he slept about 3 hours and in the morning said he was about 20% better and felt less anxiety. We have continued the treatment - it is now the sixth day - each day seems to get better - he's sleeping about 4-5 hours a night. He said the area of pain is shrinking and the intensity is lessening every day. It kind of ebbs and flows, but once we started on the CBD Oil it was as though the virus stopped spreading and started to retreat. We still have a ways to go, but he is really encouraged and feels that this will be behind him soon.

The product is pricey - but he has been out of work over 3 weeks, hasn't left the house etc, so we feel it was worth it. We found two other things that are supposed to really help - D68 from RNA Labs and Variolinum - both are from These run about $15 each, but we haven't received them yet so can't vouch for them, but if money is an issue, the Tagemet, Emuaid and these two products might be worth considering.

Don't give up hope. There really isn't much that the doctor can do for you - keep doing your research and never give up.

@helpinghand2 Did your husbands Shingles clear up?