Alone and confused

Hi I am new to any type of support group and would like some advice. Monday I was arrested and removed from my home. My wife said I grabbed her throat and threaten her. Which I never touched her. She says I have anger issues because I am always yelling or hateful. I have. 6 year old son who I just adore and worship the ground he walks on. I breath everyday for him and I have never been away from him till now. I can't see them talk to them call them or nothing all I do is sit here and cry. I am in soo much pain over this I can't take anymore. I don't know what to do. I have no one now and I feel my life is over. Wednesday is our court date for the protection order. I am so nervous. I havnt eaten in 6 days. Lost 12 lbs I am a family man who my family comes first. I don't drink or party or do drugs. I do like old cars. You could say I am boring I feel if this order is placed on me. It will all be over. I won't he able to go home for 6 months or longer. She has her mother staying there to help her so I feel she dosent miss me like I miss them. I am not used to being alone and it hurts. Does anyone have any advice for me. Thanks

Your post are old and I just started this site. I hope everything worked out for you. I have here if you ever want to talk. I've been through a divorce and thought I would never get over it. We all need someone to talk to...especially me. I am very alone in my life right now with my own struggles. Anyhow, hope all is well with you now and I'm here if you want to ever talk.

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