I have noone special, and feel like there is noone i can turn to who will understand me. nobody i know knows that i am bisexual, and i dont have the courage to ask anyone, male or female to be with me. Hopeless...

Hey Bill,
You certainly are not alone. You just need to be comfortable with who you are and people will gravitate towards you, male or female. Don't be so hard on yourself, relationships are difficult no matter what. Building something wonderful takes a lot of time and patience and unforunately most get hurt along the way. We've all gone through loneliness, pain, feeling helpless, you name it. You will be ok. I'm always here to listen and help. Take care of yourself and keep in touch.

xo, July

Yur not alone Bill, I'm Bi too and dont have a guy that I can be intimate with either... my fiance' has never had a problem with me being bi, and doesnt mind that I dated guys. The last time i dated a guy was someone i worked with... I've been out of work since January, and out of that relationship since october of last year... its tough to find a guy who IS a guy yet knows how to be comforting and supportive, ESPECIALLY in my situation. See, I live with my fiance' (whome I've known for over 18 years) and my 2 eldest sons, both in their late teens. MY family comes first, and no guy I've ever dated seemed to be able to understand that. then again, I've only dated gay guys. seems there are no bi guys out there who want to be a part of an ongoing relationship with a guy with a "wife" and kids...

Everyone is so selfish, and they always expect me to leave my fiance' and I just wont do that...

but I guess being here and being willing to talk about things here helps... I'm new ot this, but im gonna try and share as much as i can and be open and honest...

I hope this helpd.


Get the book "Conversations with God" from the library, It's an easy read, and will help you realize how special you truly are!

You will feel better about who (or what) you are NO MATTER WHAT THAT IS!

I agree, wonderful book.

From Depression & Mood Disorders to Gender Identity Exploration

From Gender Identity Exploration to Sexual Orientation Exploration

From Gender Identity Exploration to Sexual Orientation Exploration