Alright, So I'm new here. I was just looking online about ey

Alright, So I'm new here. I was just looking online about eyelash pulling along with eyebrows and found this site along with posts about trichotillomania which made me pretty happy considering that I am not the only one. I don't usually like talking about this stuff in public and would rather it online since no one can really judge someone over the internet. I guess I'll just start by saying that I use to be a eyebrow puller along with eater when I was around maybe 5 or 6 years old and up until around 2014 is when it stopped although I do find my hands touching them sometimes however when stopping or rather trying to I started picking my eyelashes and begun eating them too, it sucked because I would get asked by people in my school why I barley have any eyebrows or eyelashes as if it wasn't bad enough that I was the quiet girl, I would just lie and makeup stuff, I don't know what it was, I know my mom doesn't have any eyebrows due to a disorder but just like me, she is letting her eyelashes grow, when I get close to her I notice. I feel really ugly without them even though with them I would probably still look ugly but if I had eyelashes it would make up for it. For now I have been around 23 days clean without pulling or eating any of my eyelashes but I have been picking around my eyebrows but not a lot, I just can't really help it. I know it isn't normal to do but it is common for people to do, a least that is what I have found out after looking online about it all night and up until this point, gave me comfort to know that I am not the only one who does this nor has been not the only one to get judged for it. I have been thinking of wearing makeup too, I have wanted to wear eyeliner but my feelings got shot down when my mom said that I don't have eyelashes though, that was around my birthday this year when I had asked her if I could wear some but I mean, it is the truth after all. Can't wear mascara without eyelashes and eyeliner I probably won't look nice in either. Whenever I go on Instagram I see so many pretty girls that I start to get jealous but I know it's my own fault, my mom had told me sorry before because she felt like she was the reason I started doing this stuff because back then she would get her tweezer and pluck some of my eyebrows and eyelashes off because some of them were '' getting in my eyes ''. I am as well trying to lose weight, I am skinny fat and no matter how many times I tell myself I am going to start eating less and moving more it never works out but I know I'll get there soon hopefully... I just feel disgusting. Like life is a game for me but I know I can't really complain, others do go through worse than me but it doesn't make my problem nor anyone else any less. I just start to get the urge to pull them out, sometimes when I wake up in the morning I begin to get a sort of sore feeling on my eyelid and with that comes this feeling on my lip so I would press down with my teeth on that part while pulling any lashes that are right by the pain I feel, it feels good but it doesn't help much. I do believe that is happening less to me now that I am letting them grow but they aren't very noticeable unless I am close by a mirror. I don't know why I want to look nice, I just to try to be more social but I don't enjoy talking to people much, I've heard way to many things on the news of what goes around in this world, maybe not all but it has made me not want to really go outside or talk to people much unless I am forced too, I just like to keep to myself but I know it can't be that way forever, I don't think I'll make it pass 21 either with how my personality seems to be, I just feel like a mess.

Sorry for any grammar mistakes, I type fast.

I'm sorry that you feel this way, & like you said you are not the only one who does this I pull my hair & my eyelashes as well. I believe that this site will help. What makes you pull? I pull when I'm depressed or if I think about my family who doesn't understand what's really going on with me or whatever. Welcome to the group.

@PrettynPink29 When I was younger I would just pull to pull out of boredom, I wasn’t really thinking around that time and with seeing my mother pulls her or sometimes mines to fix them up I just don’t know. I do know as I got older I started to do it out of being nervous or in a bad mood, I just couldn’t stop. It felt normal to me after while until I have to go to the store or vacation, having to walk around feeling a freak. Getting asked questions about it, it just put me in a bad mood and more because I just couldn’t stop. I had stopped eating them though but I would remain pulling them. The excuses I felt that were reasonable for what I do is that they sometimes hurt and unless I pull that certain lash I will not feel relief, but they barley even hurt. I know they probably only do because I barley had any and without them stuff could get in my eyes easier. I notice whenever I wake up now and look closely in the mirror I see a bit of crumbs and whatnot on what eyelashes I have so far. I know my sisters may understand since they use to do it to but I probably was the main was and still probably is but just not as much now that I actually feel the need to want to look normal. I’m even starting to feel this weird feeling now on my left eye and it’s just triggering in a way but I know that once I pull one then all of them will get pull, the only thing that gets my mind off of it would probably be listening to music or eating but still, few months ago every time I was about to do something or eat I would start pulling at my eyelashes which ends up being a 1 hour and 35 minutes pulling session and it isn’t until someone walks in the room when I stop or take notice at what I had just done. It sucks that even family thinks that it’s easy to stop, nobody knows until they actually go through it and understand & thank you!

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