Alright, this might feel like too personal to ask to people

Alright, this might feel like too personal to ask to people but for a long while ive been fighting with my femininity and since i find out about transgender i wonder if im or not, how did you realize it? did you always knew deep down? how was the process for you? would love to talk deeply about this topic if someone is willing too

I am not transgender, but I think you just have to be honest with yourself, follow transgender people online, most are very honest with their process of coming out and how they knew. Hugs!

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That is sort of how I started myself. Although I do think deep down I knew since I was a kid. I learned about what transgender was and meant in middle school and it really started to make think about my identity. I was very confused for a long time and only recently, as in last year, was I able to put the pieces together and discovered that I am actually a boy. It's okay if you are confused or not sure, everyone discovers themselves differently and even if you dont figure it out that is okay too. I think the best thing to do is to express yourself in ways that you like and make you feel comfortable and you shouldn't have to feel pressured or like you need to put a label on how you feel or express yourself. I'd love to talk more about it if you like.

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@CKBlossom not really i never thought of it seriously until like this year or last, not sure i kinda want to, i was thinking about it a little