Althought iam severly depressed

although iam severly depressed i have found just venting on here has made me feel better and seeing that other people here actully have bigger problems than i do i will keep coming back to vent and maybe help others as much as i can

Feel free to vent at me anytime about anything, ok?


Yup. We're here to help each other. Glad you're liking it here.

thank you and if anyone wants to vent at me there most welcome too ive not joined a suport group before i probly should have done it a long time ago

great to hear :-)

Im new at being on here too but it is good!

I only recently found this site and as you have noticed just being able to get it out helps so very much. I too am grateful for any and all advice that i receive and can give back in return.

Hey, don't compare your problems to other people's. That's a mistake. Yes people may have things worse than you do, but your problems are real problems to you, everybody needs to address their problems and get help, no matter how much they think others have it worse. We all need a little help! That's why we're here :)

im glad it makes you feel better:)if we judged our lives based others, then we ould all be very unhappy people. you are you and that is wonderful <3
Pugs & Kisses