Always feeling like I'm panicking

I am so thankful I found this website. I have been trying to find support for anxiety and it is very difficult to find. I seem to panic at every little thing that can go wrong with me. For example if my chest hurts I freak and go to an urgent clinic and make them give me an EKG because i'm scared all the time something bad is going to happen to me. I mean (I wrote something on the diabetic board) I was just diagnosed with diabetes and I told my family and all they seem to say is: OMG your going to go blind; OMG your going to lose limbs; OMG your going to have heart disease. When they told me this I freaked and didn't sleep for two days because I was afraid. I've been to a therapist but he didn't help me. I just am always afraid I'm going to have a heart attack - I ask people that I know what it feels like to have one and such but they always say you'll know; you'll know.. but I don't know. I am just scared of everything. I've even thought about checking myself into a hospital for a bit but I'm afraid if I do that then I'll lose my job.
Anyone have any advice? & therapy didn't work.

Hi Creamchz, welcome to Support Groups and thank you for sharing your story. I struggled with anxiety for years, where I would over-think, over-analyze and then have severe anxiety attacks that were somewhat frightening. They would cause severe shortness of breath to the point where I would almost pass out. I understand your struggle and how you are feeling, though what concerns me is that your family is putting unnecessary thoughts into your head that only add to your stress and anxiety. They should be providing comfort, peace and harmony at this time. As well, you should really only listen to your doctor and any professionals' concerns and not that of your family's, which seem to come from very stereotypical diabetes diagnoses. I have several friends of different ages who have lived a very healthy and happy life with diabetes because they follows doctors orders and treatments.

If the one particular therapist did not work for you, don't let that discourage you from finding one that is a match for you. Sometimes it take meeting with several to find that right fit.

And, what worked most for me was finding true peace and harmony. I just don't allow my thoughts to go in the direction that will cause stress which in turn causes anxiety. I surround myself my happiness and positivity. If I do feel that I am veering in the direction of stressful thoughts, then I stop what I am doing and take five deep breaths, which always helps calm me down.

I am sending you tons of happy and peaceful energy your way. I know that you will make it through this. Just remember not to allow anyone to fill your energy and thoughts with negativity.

Thank you puppy dog lover - I go to the doctor on monday for a blood test. I am very nervous - I am hoping my blood sugar is a little lower than it was. My doctor just put me on a medication and said to loose weight. I thank you for your kind words.

Of course, I am here to help support you in any way that I can. Try not to be nervous for your appointment, the breathing exercise will really help subside your anxiety. Also, try watching comedies and lighthearted films/television to take your mind off of things, that always helps me so much. I watched a great movie the other night after a very stressful day and all of the stress melted away. As well, exercising always helps alleviate stress and anxiety for me.

I am praying for you and know that you will get through this weekend peacefully and happily. Please share with us anytime, we are here for you.

hi there creamchz

welcome u dont sound silly to me, i think its so easy in this day and age to get hold of the worst information about any illness via the internet and friends.

yes i agree that they are the most dire cases that could happen, but millions live life on just insulin or its monitored by diet.

as for the appointments we all have a degree of nervousness for any thing that takes us out of our comfort zone and any offical place the doctors, hospitals etc certainly qualify for SCAREY.

just try to relax as much as possible and be assured u wont say/do anything that they havent heard before and believe me hon they have seen it all as well

as usual keep posting and chattin

loving vibes and positive thoughts

Hi creamchz, I see that you have just recently been diagnosed with diabetes. It is understandable that you may be anxious about it. I suggest discussing any concerns you have with your doctor. Maybe they can help to put you at ease about things.

I agree with domestic on, "we all have a degree of nervousness for any thing that takes us out of our comfort zone and any official place the doctors, hospitals etc certainly qualify for SCAREY." I know I get nervous and anxious when I have to go to the doctor for myself.

Keep hanging in there and taking it a day at a time. Keep sharing with us. I know how much it helps to talk to others. ((((hugs))))