Always felt left out!

I grew up with 4 brothers a strict father and a mother!!! My father was so strict that we got punished for the smallest things we did and my mom was very little help at all. Anyways it was always better to be away from home than dealing with my dad!!! This put a strain on my relationships with my brothers. We all did are own things and that was that!!! We hardly get together anymore. It's hard to get all 5 of us togather all at once!!! Anyways we all have different personalities and lifestyles too!!! They never took a liking to my hard rock, heavy metal, punk like lifestyle from the haircuts, clothes I wear and Devoting my time to my music and lifestyle!!! Never caring about the future and getting a real job. I always felt like the odd one out!!! The truth is I've been through too much growing up with my brothers we constantly fought a lot!!! I feel I'm better off without them!!! I have friends I'm closer with than my brothers!!! Anyways I'm just jotting down my feelings about my family!!! I just don't need them

I think in a way although you say you don't need them, u do... It is sad your family doesn't get together and I feel you on that.. My family was the same.. We wouldn't even communicate but I got sick of it I started making us all get together to where now we do things as a family and I believe it has made us all much closer... So maybe it just takes steps and someone that actually cares enough to get it together maybe u? Put your pride aside? And put effort in it, in the end you will be the bigger person not only that but your fam will love you so much.

Well now my parents are not doing well, they both got health issues!!! My brothers got there own things going on. They are married with kids and are concern with there own family's!!! I see the writing on the wall already!!! Once my par ants past on we are all gonna go are separate ways!!! I don't find this disappointing believe me it's for the better, but as a single man it makes me feel lonely... You know!!! Anyways I'd rather hang with more positive people than have my brothers look down at me because I'm different!!! There's so much personal things I'm leaving out here for my own reasons too!!! I just don't see no need to try and make things happen!!! Thank you for the advice!!!

Well I hope things are going good otherwise, and stay UP..reach out to everyone many times you have to b the one to talk first because people these days don't know how to communicate they always feel something is missing and it is that human interaction we all crave... So you get to know people more and yourself also u grow spiritually..

Hey i feel like the black sheep in my family, my sister was always the favourite with my parents, and now my dad, i hope at some stage your brothers build bridges with you,(blood is thicker than water and all that) i wish i had brothers! I missed out on playing soccer and cricket in the garden when i was a kid, take care!

Hi jasonzx, I am definitely the black sheep of my family. Many, many people have come up to me and asked me if I was adopted because they can’t believe that I am part of this family. My thing is, my family wants nothing to do with me unless they can get some kind of financial gain from it. It doesn’t matter that I have two kids, bills, tuition payments, etc. If they can’t get anything from me, they don’t even acknowledge that I’m part of the family. I’ve been left out of family reunions, holiday get-to-gethers, family outings, etc. I’ve tried to be the bigger person and forgive them for the way they treat me but it’s the same thing over and over again. I have several health issues that are starting to cause me a lot of problems and could really use some support, but that’s something that I can’t get from my family. I feel so alone and depressed; and this being the holiday season is not making things any better.

Thank you yasifey and Jason

It's nice to know you guys are behind me, but there is a lot of history and bad blood between us!!! To be honest it's gonna take time and effort to rebuild this bridge!!! I much rather take the time to meet a special girl and hang with good friends!!! It's tough to patch things up with family!!!! I'll see them all on Christmas, but I dread going there single for the last 4 years!!!! Than I gotta hear it from my parents why don't you have a girlfriend? What are you doing in life? What's wrong with you? This is what I gotta look forward too!!!

Yeah i hear u buddy! Its hard when u feel the odd one out in a family, im sure i must have been adopted, this isnt my family surely, lol, hope u find a nice girl to be with then,

Your so right!!! The thing is I don't them and they defferently don't need me!!! The only thing that gets are family togather is my mom!!! She's the glue that holds this family togather after she's gone. That's kinda it for my family!!! Everyone always did there own thing!!! To be honest all they do us talk down to me anyways, who wants to hear it?

Good point!!!

Why should I worry about what they think and say!!! It does get to me!!! I think not having anyone to tell me how to live my life will change things for the better and the pressure would be off. Thanks!!!

Live your own life if you meet someone that would be an added plus but Life is too short and I know being a rocker myself we are drawn to the counterculture. Reach out an olive branch to try a relationship with your brothers its not gonna be easy if there is a lot of animosity but if you want a relationship with them let them now bare it all out. If they choose to ignore you move on family may be blood but there is so much other things stronger than blood.