Am excited about tomorrow. Going to the doctor's to have sut

Am excited about tomorrow. Going to the doctor's to have sutures removed where toe was.
Not excited about that. The weigh-in.
My scale says I've lost more, but I have a gentle encouraging scale. Where as dr scales are brutally honest.

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Praying for a speedy recovery, take care of yourself. Hugs

Thanks Peace!

well, last week I weighed in just under 200 lbs at 199. Today I weigh 195 lbs!
High protein, low carb, with portion control diet does work. Do not do high protein if you have kidney disease.
Is best weight loss diet I have seen.

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@Inmylittleroom I second that statement, I’m on a High Protein also, I’ve had a cheat weeks after surgery. But back on for the next. Congratulations thou, that’s great! See, cupcakes has no place in our playground. How did the removal of?? Stitches, go?

help! help! I am being whipped by my beagle's tail...she is having a happy dream! her tail is wagging like an automatic flyswatter in a hailstorm of flies.

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am glad I found something that's working for me but still I am very curious how other people are able to lose weight.
Peace, you are going back to high protein.
Lolly, you are all natural chef. No wheat, dairy, or eggs.
What about some else? Any hints, tips, personal success stories?

Good luck with suture removal! Hope you have quick recovery

Sutures are out! Have 3 toes left on right foot
. They are foot soldiers marching on.