Am i beautiful?i have people tell me im ugly all the time

am i beautiful??i have people tell me im ugly all the time and i may sound crazy but im starting to believe them.i never thought of myself as pretty...i just need some one to make me feel better mentally.i guess i just need some one to reassure me... :)

Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Some have the looks. Some have the personality. Some have the heart. So yes your beautiful in your own way and someone will see that and make you happy. Keep your head up.

yea you look great, different than the average girl, but that's a plus in my book. don't listen to kids your age saying negative things to you, they'll say anything to anyone in an attempt to make themselves feel better about their own insecurities and shortcomings. consider it this way, anyone who will take the time to walk up to you and put you down, 100% has self esteem issues of some sort and is trying to convince themselves that they are better than someone else in order to sate their own insecurities, trust me on this one, anyone who's called you ugly is ugly on both the inside and outside and all they're trying to do is drag you down to their level because when they see you they see an amazing little girl, something they could never be.

just looking at your picture i would say you are gorgeous! it looks like a cute smirk you are giving there. anybody that says you are ugly is jealous of what you do not have and they have a blackened heart and are sad that they dont have the chace to gain that beauty of yours

Yes you are beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

You don't need someONE you need yourself. Think about it, have you ever thought you're not pretty because it's what you've been told for so long OR did you come up with it on your own. People will always tear others down when their own lives are falling apart. You need to develop your own self love and acceptance. I have a suggestion that my therapist made me do when I first started... write a letter to youself telling yourself everything you love and like about your life and who you are. That way, when you feel down you can read it as much as you want because they are your own words and not the words of an outsider.

Yes sweetie, you are a very beautiful young woman.