Am I going mad

Ok, well today seems to be a difficult day for me. It's like I'm becoming paranoid or something. I was just on-line and a guy I used to date was on-line too and he went off line when I went on...we get on fine, it just was one of those things that didn't work out. But now I just feel so irrationally angry I just want to cut him off, even just looking at what I'm typing makes me feel like I'm crazy.

Well I always put in the effort to make sure we were "ok" because I wasn't too interested and it just feels like I'm getting slapped for it. I want to delete him out of my life facebook, out of my phone, I just want nothing to do with him. I know it's a side effect of how vulnerable I am towards guys and really has nothing to do with him, but I am in such a rage now. What's wrong with me? Why can't I get a handle on this? It's like I am this energy that wants to tell everybody in my path way to MOVE! NOW!, and that I don't need anyone. The thing about it is, is that I do need someone, I need someone to tell me that I'm ok and not to worry about this and it will get heads in sucha tizz!

Hope someone out there understands

Moongal x

BOY we all have days like that huh, very well put & awareness of your feelings.... I personally LIKE the DELETE button it was one the the first ones my 18yr. old son taught me ;-)

Thinkin of ya


Hey April,
Ya I didn't do delete. I managed to hold it together. I use to delete the fella I was seeing all the time, just so I wouldn't have to look at his number or messages, but i'm trying to realise that everyone is not him.

I'm sure that, that guy didn't do it on purpose and if he is avoiding me, sure what does it matter I've no interest in him, only as being acquaintaises, it was just that instance of rejection sent me into a moment of madness and there is no logic in those you know.

I have a feeling it's going to a long night for me, kinda reeling through a broken heart and head at the moment. It sux, but has to be done, looking forward to a brighter tomorrow. For suck!:)

Hope you having a good day

Moongal x

Its hard to stop from going 0 to 10 in a flash sometimes, kinda like a mad dog been there done that lol, only made me feel like I was having a heartattack when I got older so had to train myself & learn another way to release it productively. Keep going girl your getting there.......

If you really want him out of your life you should cut all ties w him. What exactly makes you dislike him so much? Is he often on your mind and you feel like you need someone? Which I could very easily understand I've been there. We all want someone to love and be loved in return right? :) always here to talk if you'd like :)
keep your chin up :)

I don't really have any issues with that I think he did perfectly innocently...that was a prime example of how crazy I can be, when it comes to any hint of rejection.

I had massive issues with another guy, and he drove to crazy levels of fear of getting hurt. The weird thing is...that guy couldn't hurt, I've no interest in him, we did date for a couple of months, but it wasn't working so now I would think of him, just as general acquaintances...but I've this desperate pent up fear of rejection, if you read another post I've put up -how do you let go of the anger? you may understand what's going on there.

Thanks so much for the support
Hope you are having a good day

Moongal x