Am I wrong? Short and to the point. I married a great wAm I wrong? Short and to the point. I married a great

Am I wrong???? Short and to the point. I married a great woman. Known her family all my life, good people. She and her two children moved in with me. We've been married 4 years. The kids are 23 and 20, have full time jobs and are sweet and kind but wont get off their lazy asses to help with anything around the house. Mom supports their ways fully. I am really tired of working full time and then coming home to see grown ups sitting around on their days off eating and watching tv when i have to go out and cut grass and maintain the home. I told my wife if they don't want to help then maybe they could chip in for food or utilities. She said absolutely not. Im at the point to where I think they should move back to their house. If I had known then what I know now me and mom would date until all the kids are out of the nest. Seriously! Am i wrong to expect them to help in some fashion????

I don't think you're wrong. Children stop being called children after they turn 18 because they're supposed to start being adults... and they're not acting like it! Even little kids will do chores around the house. Have you asked her why she thinks they shouldn't be expected to contribute? If you haven't already, I think having a respectful, polite conversation would help --- maybe you guys just aren't understanding each other's ideas fully?