Amazed that I kept my anxiety down

I HATE having work done on my mouth. Well Sunday one of my crowns was loose. Yesterday I was able to make an appt for today. It got even looser and came out at lunch. At my appt the dentist tried confusing me that do to the decay in the remainder of the tooth I should have the crown replaced. I can not afford that. The crown is almost 29 years old so it has done pretty well. I was able to calmly stick to my decision to have the old crown recemented. I know a lot of how I did is because my medicines are working and partially the skills I have been learning.

that is great Tools It doesn't matter why you did it just that you were able to do it that is always a step in the right direction


I think it was smart to keep your old one I would have done the same thing

keep moving forward Tools you will never regret it

I feel good about today for a change

That's great Tools and all that matters is you do