An apple a day

What are some things you can do to better your health?

Check and see what vaccines you need, don’t have access to your vaccine records? Talk to your doctor or your pharmacist and discuss things you would need regardless such as:

  • A yearly Flu shot
  • The new COVID booster
  • Shingles Vaccine
  • HPV
  • RSV
    (this is not an exhaustive list)

We got the flu shot and latest COVID booster about 2 weeks apart, probably could have done them together, felt ill for about 24 hours with the COVID Booster and our arm hurt, the flu shot stung, but we felt fine afterwards. -SG

Got my flu and Covid shots, sometimes keeping up on your health along with your family’s seems overwhelming, thanks for the gentle reminder.

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Walk daily. Keep pushing the distance. Meet with people for conversation. Help others in many ways. Volunteer. I do all this snd I eat healthy. Got off sugar and gluten too! Lost 35 lbs.

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Great work, it is hard to sometimes take care of yourself, but it is so important to make time. Thank you for sharing @CKBlossom. -SG

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That is fantastic advice, did you go Gluten and Sugar free for a particular reason, such as an allergy or just to further your health journey?

I have several autoimmune diseases. I have a great deal of chronic pain. I got a new specialist who got me off sugar and gluten. After 14 days on this strict eating plan, I woke up and had no pain! Dr. Will Cole is my specialist 's name. I meet with my care supervisor on Zoom. This is a 4 month program with lifestyle changes on what I eat. A bonus is that so far I have lots 25 lbs. Insurance does not cover any costs.

That is so frustrating when you pay for insurance and then it doesn’t cover the things you need. However, amazing job on finding someone who helped and great job following the health plan.

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