An obligatory tw here. i've been in this cycle of feeling h

an obligatory tw here.
i've been in this cycle of feeling hopeless, useless, or like a burden, wanting to die, and then concluding that i have to live for other people so i don't hurt or burden them with my death. some days it's more tempting to let go than others, but i'm still here.
i've made it through every rough night, every attempt, every breakdown. i've made it through hell and back, going to dark places no rational person ever would. i live everyday with only myself and very few others to keep me standing, but i am still alive.
i am alive.
and i will not let my struggling and pain be for nothing.
you, despite what you've been through, are still here.
it is not because you're a coward and won't go through with it,
but it's because you're strong.
any reason to live is a good one,
but the best reason to live is for you.
for you to prove your past self wrong,
or the world wrong,
or them wrong,
or him or her wrong.
to prove to yourself that you can grow and have a good life, no matter the obstacle.
you've got this.
it might seem overwhelming right now,
but time flies,
and in no time,
you will be where you want to be,
and you'll be grateful for sticking around.

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That made my day a little better, thank you :)

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@Jordan5683 you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you. I also needed to hear that. Thank you

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@Farmboy17 you’re welcome as well!