An Update On Me

Hi friends,

I just wanted to give you all a quick update on my life , and to why I haven't been on as much. A lot has been going on, as my fiancee's mom is sick and had to be hospitalized twice. She has a very slow heartbeat, and today she is getting a pacemaker to help with her heart. We are waiting for the results now to see if she is OK. So, my poor fiancee has been so stressed, and has been having so many other problems otherwise...

As for me, I've been doing very well in conquering my ED. Ive been going strong for almost 2 months now. Well, I've been in recovery for over a year now, but had relapses to deal with. I eat every 2 hours and plan ahead what to eat when out. It is hard to do this when I have so many doctor appointements or errands and such. I've been trying my best though. I am very conscious to make sure I eat well and enough. I am determined to get better. I am still weak yet, but hope in the future my strength will come back . I hate not having much energy or strength from my last relapse.

I have been going to a lot of doctors and getting checked out--and all is well except my liver levels were elevated last time. My doctor thinks it was just because i had a flu at the time which might have elevated my liver levels. So I need to get that retested next month. Other than that ,everything came out great, except that I am now so broke from all the medical bills. blech...

I am starting writing school next month. I am very excited! I have no clue how to pay for this as there is no financial aid for this! In sending out my manuscripts to ezines online, a magazazine editor told me to go to writing school. She was also very complimentary about my writing and kept emphasizing to me to keep submitting my work.

She sent me 2 emails saying I was a good writer. Although she didnt accept my work because it needed to be edited a tad, she said I have a good future ahead of me as a writer. So, I am so happy! I though all I was good at was my ED! So, I start next month and am very excited! I'll be broke as hell, but happy! LOL...This also serves as a great distraction to my ED.

Sorry I havent been on as much, friends, but know I love you all.

And as for ED? He can kiss my butt! LOL,

He wont be back in my life...Oh, he can try to come back, but I will always win in the end.

Love ya


Well done.
pleased to hear you are doing well. :0)
also big hip hip horray for doing well in getting into writing school. i am sure you ill do a fabby job and kick not just Ed, but the other students asses haha.

dont leave us though. we need you to help us still. you are so much help and mean so much for you to go now.

anyway. good luck, and again.... WELL DONE CHICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Eve xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

thanks so much eve....LOL.... i wont be gone totally, hahha..ill be usual...

thanks so much, and i do hope the school does go well!




thanks xx

Great to hear :)

thank ya gina!!!!!! how are ya??????


ughhhh i am ending up sooo crippled from my arthritis( yes from my ED) it has gotten to the point where i can barely move.... i am so sad..... i didnt think it would be like this, i always thought i could handle this joint pain, now i cant anymore... i am so very depressed.....

i have such difficulty doing the smallest things... so, to you who have ED and think you cant end up crippled from ED , please think again . I AM..... and soo wish i wasnt...

love ya

Maureen you're such a fighter!
Your positivenessis an inspiration.

hahahhaahaha thanks curly, yeah, still fighting!!!!!!!

thanks so much!

Thanks for the update Maureen! I always like hearing from you....take care....Jan ♥

your welcome, jan....sent you a message.....

love ya