ANAD's 8 steps to recovery

Hello all,

I have just started looking over the ANAD's 8 steps to recovery and I think that everyone might benefit by looking through them and thinking about what they mean to you personally. I would love to hear any feedback. I think #5 and #7 are great ones to look at in terms of self responsibility and brainstorming what things need to change and what your goals may be in recovery.

Here is the link:

Wow, I really like #7. That is great no matter what you are dealing with! Thanks for the post Surrender!

thanks for this surrender!
i do like #5 as well, it's probably one of the things easiest ignored. and yeah #7 is what we've all talked about various times on here too.
remember Gina's post for weekly goals? maybe we should pick up on it again!! doing it together always makes it easier and more motivating.

somehow i fell though that it is incomplete. i'm not sure why, i cannot pinpoint it. but does anyone else think we should add stuff to this? more steps towards recovery?

love y'all

Yes I love the idea of sharing weekly goals. The steps do not cover all the dynamics of an eating disorder…what do you think would be most helpful for you, what would you add? I like the guide of the ANAD 8 steps but it is definitely more empowering to make your OWN steps for recovery. Please let me know what you would add :slight_smile:

If I had to pick a goal for this week mine would be to work on developing positive affirmations for myself and when feeling the negative self talk or when feeling critical of my body to be able to think of an affirmation.

What would your goal be this week?


i really struggle to come up with any goal at all. i cnat believe this, it really shows me how tight ED's grip is on me.

i might just clink into your goal, surrender. i got a book with positive phrases for every day. so im gonna try really take each daily sentence in properly, reminding myself about it throughout the day and somehow living it.

very blury goal, i know, but positive thinking is defo one of my weakest points...


I don’t think it is a blurry goal at all! It sounds great, even just reading the words (out loud perhaps?) can help instill some meaning, even if you do not totally believe these things yet. :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing this, surrender...♥

This is pretty good.
I think I have the hardest time with step #6, "we do not have to struggle alone...". I have open up to counselours and Husband, however I feel like a big failure when I do so. I did noticed thou the more I share the less unconfortable it is for me.
Have a great weekend all

I understand how uncomfortable it can be to first start opening up to people and accepting the caring and support. I think a lot of us fear rejection. I have had bad experiences that when letting my guard down it was not well received, so naturally sometimes it feels like a set up to let my guard down. But the people who love you and that are in your life who genuinly care about you will not hurt you in the way you may fear. Also like you said, the more open and the more you share the easier it becomes, that’s the truth! It is uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. But discomfort does come with huge benefits in the long term. Learning to trust, learning to feel and learning to accept support from others is huge and vital to inner peace. We as humans are not meant to go at it alone! I am so proud of you for opening up and trusting your therapist and husband, these are big steps. Take care :slight_smile:

its definitely great that you opened up, lost! it takes a lot of guts but it'll only make you stronger to ask for help and it'll make ED weaker by taking away secrecy.

and there are so many ways of doing it. i just wrote a letter to my parents explaining how im currently getting on with my ED (or not!). i knew that by telling them more i would give myself a bit more control over ED behaviors simply cause i can now open up to them. they might not say anything about that letter yet (which i expected cause it was probably quite painful for them) but we now all know the truth and it's already one more step to move on in recovery.


surrender, i cant get this i doing something wrong???


Sorry if the link did not work for you-here are the steps Maureen-sorry for the delay!


In order to facilitate recovery, specific steps may be helpful tools in that process. The following steps were created to be used as guidelines for recovery.

1)Admit to ourselves that we have an eating disorder.

2)Recognize that “food” and “weight” are not the real issues, but that other underlying problems in our lives have led to our obsessions with food, eating, and weight.

3)Make an honest attempt to identify the problems underlying our eating disorder.

4)Acknowledge that self-starvation and/or binge-purging are not offering a healthy or satisfactory solution to these problems.

5)Accept the responsibility for changing our own lives and applying more appropriate methods of coping with problems.

6)Realize that we do not have to struggle alone to overcome our problems. We can accept the caring support of others and the guidance of spiritual strength.

  1. Establish small individual goals aimed at changing our unhealthy attitudes and behaviors and begin working seriously toward their achievement.

8)Reinforce and sustain our personal growth process by reaching out and helping others struggling with eating disorders.

I just started doing #7, actually, with the new year. I extended to include all my resolutions for 2011, but I focused on my ED. I even wrote down reasons for my goals, careful to think hard about how much better and stronger and energetic and happy and light-hearted I am when I don't b/p and when I eat healthily. I did NOT say I wanted to eat healthy to stay skinny. I focused on the inner reasons - my heart health, mental health, inner strength, physical strength, inner power, etc.

This is great! I think it is very helpful to write out goals and why we want to accomplish these goals. I also love that you tuned into your inner self and was able to articulate positive reasons for change such as your inner strength. I relate to the feeling of “light-hearted” that you speak of. It’s true that when we carry around our secrets and eating disorder we have a heavy heart…coming out of the darkness makes us feel “lighter” emotionally. Take good care :slight_smile: