And for all my adoring fans out there, who have nothing bett

And for all my adoring fans out there, who have nothing better to do than spy on me here, because they don't have lives of their own; I have one thing to say. If you weren't involving yourself with a married man, or busy-bodying in the marital affairs of others (for which there is a promise in the marriage vows God will curse) then you wouldn't have to worry about when his sickly, chronic fatigued cancer surviving wife was moving. It's really none of your *****d business when or if I move now or NEVER. Guess it will all be sort of a magical mystery ride. Enjoy wh*ring c*nts.

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I know I'm enjoying literally every minute of every day knowing you're waiting.

Scat do you mean they are on SG spying on you?

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@cantletgo222, yes, they come here and then they twitter smack about me online. I only ever looked once or twice and that was enough for me to know: 1.) They're demonic, 2.) they thrive on condemnation and false accusations and lies, 3.) all he's told them is misinformation and twists of the truth including lies about my health. He told them I never go to the doctors when in the past year alone I've gone several times for injured knee, sprained ankle, heart monitoring for the palpitations he caused me from the stress over his cheating an annual physical, tests for STD BECAUSE OF HIS cheating, blood tests to figure out why I'm constantly fatigued after his years of cheating. Probably caused by the stress of his humiliating me.

@Scat I know it’s awful. They sound just as as bad as him. You know how much they like to manipulate. They play a good game. Well I hope they enjoy it here because soon enough they will be on here talking about their life with him and how he destroyed them if they want to continue to be sucked in by his BS.

I don’t understand women who mess with married men.... duh that mans just gonna cheat on her once he’s with her! Those type of women are dumb! Good riddance to them both I say, those two deserve each other and with time he will probably make her just as miserable... that’s what narcissists do, they make people miserable. I’m happy that your getting away from that situation and hopefully find peace away from all that!

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@Foundlove, thank you for your supportive words, and I agree that I’m eager to be getting away from the emotional abuse and trauma. They will make each other miserable. But I won’t care by the time it happens because I spent so much time being cheated on by him while I was sick that I never want to give him another moment of my time or life. She can have him and good riddance. They deserve each other. Also, that he’d end up with such a low life, makes me feel flattered, because I knew all along he was never good enough for me and I ought to have dumped him decades ago when he was still a drunk. They truly do deserve the absolute misery they will cause each other. Good riddance.