And on with the show we must go

Found this group as I was browsing around and it kind of just pulled me in. I was looking up my support group meeting in Chattanooga this Thursday to see what the topic might be........ I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason.

So I've not researched the past blogs much to see what people are talking about here but how about a kind of survey among us b/k amputees?

How about: What is the single most important factor of your leg?

1) fit
2) weight
3) look
4) ease of use

or any other factor you might have...just a little informal chat/discussion.


Looks like we have no activity except by some Jesus freaks? No amputees here that have any problems I guess...that's a good thing.

Hello, I am new to this support group. I hope you are doing well:) As for your question, my answer would be a combination of 1 and 4 because I am an active person:)

I am new to this support group too, I just recently had my above the knee amputation. I have not yet been fitted with a prosthetic, I have only been home from the hospital since October 23. I would have to imagine that most people would say 1 and 4 and if some people are not that strong, 2.

Two months ago I developed DVT in my left arm. It was a solid blood clot from elbow to finger tips. The Dr's put a lot of effort into thinning the clot and saving the hand. It was beyond painful, until they put the nerve block in on the second or third day. In the end they amputated just above the elbow on my left arm. For me this is especially hard, I had an injury as a child, and my left elbow was mangled but this amazing Dr. stepped in, repaired the damage with bone grafts and skin grafts. I have spent 29 years doing everything i could to protect not losing use of it, never even imagined amputation. I feel like I am in a deep mourning period right now.
I am learning to cope with it but the phantom pains are going to be the death of me.

Does anyone have any advice for the phantom pains or how to end this depressed state i'm in...

Thanks for allowing me to vent a little, but would really love some feed back on how you dealt with it shortly after post op

I have used cistus essential oil for my phantom pain and have had almost none. My problem is the phantom itching but that is going away. It has been almost 3 months since I lost my foot. Some depression is grief and frustration but also narcotic pain killers can cause depression.