And so My Day Begins

Today I just feel crap... I confronted a guy about his minimal moral values and his inconsideration of others not even to mention myself. He has no remorse whatsoever. He abuses other's vulnerability and good souls. He uses his bad childhood as a wildcard to justify his actions and uses it as an excuse. I never in my life thought that I would one day come across a person who doesn't know the difference between right and wrong. He certainly doesn't. I am surrounded with people who judge my previous wrongdoings and justifies their own. I should be the one who is entitled to judge because I made an effort to go for help and I am willing to get better and change my behavior. And the funny thing is they DON'T want to change and it irritates and frustrates seven kinds of **** out of me. I think I did the right thing to confront him, because I also have a right to come up for my beliefs, my values and religion. But I feel scared about the outcome of the confrontation because karma always come back to visit me and sometimes I think it's a conspiracy that it doesn't happen to others. I decided to quit my job, since he lives in my boss and me and my boss has more of a personal relationship than a professional one. And me an this guy had an intimate fling relationship and it drives me totally crazy because he hasn't got a clue what intimacy is about. When he talks about women he always refer to them as hot, willing and easy. He only sees his satisfaction rather than a women's personality. He lures young girls into thinking that in order to keep a man they need to lower their sexuality to fit in with his mentality and twisted needs. He may be 21 years old but he is a grown man now but those girls are not emotionally or sexually ready to deal with that kind of abuse. No women wants to be abused in general. I am tired of people telling me it takes two to tango because it only takes one to step on the other one's foot...

I commend you for meeting it head on w/this person, unfortunatly its along the same line of trying to ask an inconsiderate person to BE considerate, it doesnt happen, they dont get it, but good job & hopefully one day it can take hold with others so keep spreading the word.