And the cow saysDEAL with it

I try not to complain..heck I live in a condo now instead
of that crappy tobacco stained assisted living apartment.
Pretend normal,so you'll be accepted,I'll think and do.
works sometime..I've learned to hide my esentric aspects,
I the game of life?..because of hope.Rise
through the pain.I do belive in a spiritual house..heck.Maybe we'll all get together and have a house-warming party one day..who knows?..

I'm glad to meet new people,as well as a few old friends.
..but what the hell happened to it gone for good?..thank goodness 'this' websites here.

..and the cow says:"DEAL with it!"

..sorry miss cow..I'll try. do you cope?

As I'm reading this..It almost sounds incoherent..but I
suppose thats to be expected considering all the changes
i've had in my life this year..but we're somehow managing. It's been 6 month's since mom passed.Schiz comes and goes despite being on my meds..It's good to be
living with my brother..good support..


I'm glad you have soem good support... we are all incoherent some days and we all find ourselves faking normal even if we dn't have "Schiz" you may be more normal than you think you are :) keep treading that water.

are you still out there polaris? let us know. your prayer warrior.

I didn't notice the date... it said new and had 0 responses.

yeah i think hes gone for prayer warrior