Hello all. My name is Brandy and my boyfriend is addicted to meth. As you can see from my profile I am not shy about saying that. Its something that I have to deal with. I have dealt with it all my life my parents got spun off, meth has always been in my life one way or another. Its like satan knows that and uses it to push my buttons. I have lost people to this drug, in our city it is rampant. I care very much for marc, however I need support to be strong to help him as he really wants to change and know a different life. It is difficult however for someone that has been an addict to one vice or another since age 8 and has been through what he has.. I am just looking for support and maybe an understanding of the drug from the inside point of view without having to experience it myself as I cant ever go there. Please help

Hi Brandy, Have you ever been to Alanon and/or Naranon ? If not, then I suggest checking those out. They are groups for loved ones of alcoholics and addicts. You can also find meetings online here . As for Marc, he has to be willing to help himself and then take the steps to do something about it. He is lucky to have you to support him. Keep coming and letting us know how you both are doing. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))