Angry here. I have COPD but I will NOT give up the pot!

Angry here. I have COPD but I will NOT give up the pot!!! Am I doomed? I don't want totell my docotr. He is just an insurance lackey handing out referrals like Halloween candy and if insurance ever found out .......

I think this is something you might have to tell your doctor, insurance lackey or not. His job isn't to judge but to treat you, knowing info like that can help him treat you effectively

hello and welcome to the group! you must be very honest with your Dr so he can properly treat you. Maybe you can find a better way to use it other than smoking....this smoke will be torturous for your lungs.

Welcome! Not only do you need to be honest with your doctor, but also yourself. Once you find yourself out of breath when walking across a room you will wish you had. Unless you seek help and heed advice, your breathing will only become worse.....until it kills you.

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@COPDefeater you are correct… But tell what is in a name… How goes your war…

Take he advice of your Dr and meds. I live in Ca and have my green mj card. I am taking cbd oil to help thru my acupuncture. Try that smoking or inhaling.prayers smiles

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Your a beautiful Diamond smiles..

Welcome here @COPDefeater. Do you exercise? I do 3x's per week to build my endurance, quit smoking 107days ago, long term smoker like yourself too.

@April Thanks. Yes, take a mile walk every other day, and every day I feel a little stronger. While in high school I saw a film where a smoker’s lung was being removed…ugh! Unfortunately the moral of that story was lost on me!

@royboy - your lungs are over inflated, if you continue inhaling you'll reach a point of not being capable of getting anymore 02 in lungs hence pursed breathing technique, always breathing out more then breathing in. Try to quit the pot, I realize pot brownies aren't as affective yet do try other methods like pot oil to try to get same THC effect.

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I'm pretty sure I ignored that one to..should have put a picture of the lung.. On the pack of cigs As if it was a prize.. For your purchase..

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