Another binge why why i hate myself i want to die

yesterday was my bday yeah it was fun and a good day until the night came then once again i binged am i ever going to stop binging or am i just doomed to be a failure of some sort i have to have some weakness i guess why cant this all just stop and go away i just want it all to go away


HAPPY LATE B-DAY! That was great you had a good time =). You are not a failure binged is something you have to work and try to improve and try your best all the time and never give up it takes small steps and little changes to over come it or put it behind us.



You do not have a weakness, you have a disease that can be very hard to control, so don't beat yourself up so much! I doubt that you can just stop binging cold turkey, but try setting little goals for yourself. For me this means eating breakfast without purging. When I accomplish this little goal, even if I ended up binging/purging later, I know that I have a reason to be proud of myself and not give up on recovery.

All I know is that no matter how miserable life may seem, it is always worth hanging on for the future, you never know when things are going to get better.

Hang in there,


ps. Happy belated birthday!

thanks for the comments i am feeling better now just a little sick but im not feeling guilty i know it happens its just so weird going from starving myself to binging radomly but the great awesome news is im getting into thearpy which is good i can finally get the help i need because its so hard to shut the voice in my head that keeps telling me to go back now this new healthy you is out of control dont u want control well shut up voice because i dont like you anymore but i am nervous and a little scared of actually talking to a therapist ive never actually told one how i was feeling


Can you think of what might have caused you to binge? I know that stressful times and big events cause me to turn more to my behaviors in an effort to self-soothe. But, of corse, these are unhealthy coping strategies, and will always lead to the opposite effect...

Remember than bingeing doesn't mean you've failed. It just means that you are still struggling with your eating disorder. It takes time and patience with yourself to beat this beast. But beat it, you can! ♥ The important thing is to forgive yourself, and refocus for a fresh start and continued effort. :)

Love to you,