Another holiday of sitting at home alone watching TV, trying

Another holiday of sitting at home alone watching TV, trying to get my abusive wife who's addicted to pain killers out of bed (3rd year in a row of this). Thought this year would be different, I was planning on going to see my family but woke up to a stomach bug and stayed home. Sucks because I love the holidays (well a love/hate due to the past few years) and love spending time with family and friends. The past year I've woke up to so much that a year ago I would have never considered going to my family alone and leaving my wife home. Was really looking forward to it. Oh well, there's still Christmas. The past few years the only holiday meal I've had was my work's pot luck lunch where everyone brings in something home cooked. Yeah I know it's pathetic and sad.

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No it's not pathetic but like you said christmas isn't far away so plan to make it a good one!:)


How are you doing? I know you posted this a couple of weeks ago, but I can relate to your experience. My partner just passed away and I have discovered that he had resumed drinking heavily in the months before his death. For the past year, he ruined every holiday. Not interested, not hungry. He was no longer the same person. It was heartbreaking for me, as I'm sure it is for you. It's easier said than done, but try to remember that although you may be sad, there is nothing pathetic about you. You did not plan or ask for this situation, and are doing your best to cope with it day by day. I believe that;s all anyone can do. If it were possible to change the behavior of another person, many of us would not be writing here. Sadly, we cannot. I am impressed that you can focus on your family and enjoy your holidays with them. You are clearly a strong person. Just keep going forward.

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