Another Lousy Day

Yet another day to feel like dirt. My pain is still nagging me, and I have family members who are making me feel like I can't do anything right. Today here in Vermont the roads aren't exactly stellar and I need to get to where I board my horses so I can clean out his stall per an agreement I have made with the barn owner so I only have to pay half board on him, making things cheaper for me. My aunt is right on my case about driving since the barn is on a back road and I have totaled a car once on that road before. She is saying that why can;t he do it if I can;t get there to do it? Well that wasn't the agreement I made with the owner. He understands that that there will be times in the winter when I won;t be able to get up there but if not tonight then I have to get there tomorrow night. From I know, the roads aren't supposed to be any better tomorrow night either. So then she starts running on about my smashing my vehicle and such, making me feel just oh so peachy. I can't get her to understand that this is an agreement I made and one I need to follow through on. Now with my body wracked with pain, my head has begun pounding with a migraine. Just what I needed. More pain to add to things. I can't talk to her about this stuff. It's useless to even try. It would end up with a more fighting and me stressing out even more and more pain. Best to leave it alone. But it still leaves me all stressed out, a migraine pounding though my head and more pain to deal with. What a way to spend a Sunday at home.

ShannonD, I'm so sorry you're having such a terrible Sunday...I think human nature sometimes dictates that we expect others to get simply understand without question. Unfortunately, you and I both know this isnt the case all the time. Try to stay strong....sending you positive vibes ♥