Another new addict

5 years of oxy is enough. I like to inject it. I want to stop now. This will be my first attempt other than just running out for a week or so. I need to stop so if any of you fine people can help I would seriously love ya for it. Im tired of being afraid of the withdrawls.Im tired of the lies and excuses.Im tired of loveing something that can never love me back.

Hi gypsy, Welcome to . Have you ever been to any NA meetings? If not, then I suggest you check those out. You can also find some meetings online. There you will find support and help from others who have been where you are at. You don't have to do this alone. I and others are here for you. Keep sharing with us on how you are doing. Take it one day at a time. ((((hugs))))

Thanks for your tip and kind words. I’ll check out NA tonight.Keep doin the the good and HUGS back to ya.

Its nice to know there are careing people still around. I cant wait to enjoy my freedom from dependence. I can remember a different person that was so much more happy and healthy than the one Ive become. How could I fall in love with this monster. Every day is better and I dont want any more drugs!

I know exactly what you are talking about gypsy from my experiences with relapses. I would ask myself how in the world I got back here when like you I have always been so much more happy and healthy sober and clean. I am glad to hear each day is getting better for you. NA should be able to help you out also. Keep us posted on how you are doing. Remember to take it one day at a time. ((((hugs))))

Well,Ill tell ya whats up. I came clean with everyone and myself.Getting help without money is a little hard as detox centers and treatment centers are full. I put my life on hold and made this no.1 priority.Friends and family have been great. I used a little heroin 3 days ago but I know what I want and why I did it and wont give up. Drugs have screwed up my life and hurt the people I love and care about. Im 56 years old and have two sons,11 and 16 who live with mom. Ive had problems only occasionally over the years but when drugs enter my life they take a heavy toll. Dont use Oxycontin it will steal your life from you! My prayers are with all of you and HUGS back to you girl.

Hey gypsy, I hope you will check out NA - Narcotics Anonymous. It doesn't cost a thing to go except for your misery. You don't have to say anything when you go to a meeting. You can just listen. Make sure to listen for the likenesses not the differences. Make sure also to get phone numbers from the others there. This site also has online NA meetings. Keep sharing with us and taking it one day at a time. Just for today - don't use. ((((hugs))))