Another new member

I am a new member here. I haven't felt comfortable sharing my feelings with anyone but I need to get them out! I have been married for 4.5 years and have been off birth control for most of that time. We only started trying to get pregnant about 1.5 years ago even though I wanted to have kids right away. I was worried because my periods have always been erratic. We have never had a very active sex life but now that everyone's saying "you have to do it on this night and then every 2 nights" and all that he's developed stage fright, so we have sex even less! Add this to the fact that my health insurance (for the non-existant pregnancy) is the only reason I'm staying at the job I HATE with a passion. Needless to say, the stress is nuts. So of course it seems like everyone around me is getting pregnant, including my cousin - the one who I always planned to be pregnant with.
Every time I try to broach the subject with my husband he gets very defensive so we don't talk about it. I love my husband very much but this is very quickly affecting our relationship! I don't feel comfortable sharing with anyone else - I don't even really share that much with my therapist (constructive, I know). So I feel very, very alone. I feel trapped. I will be 31 in 2 weeks and I am in a miserable job and a weakening relationship with no change in sight.
Thanks for your support and letting me vent!

When you are stressed and have pressure from every angle, it is difficult to get pregnant. You need to clean the environment, look for another job, also try to change your lifestyle, occasionally going together on small trips, to dinner or just for a walk. Do not mention anything regarding your expectations, let it be. You will see, everything will happen naturally. Wishing you a dream to come true. God bless you.

Thanks for the support. I am trying to make changes to lessen the stress but it is hard. I would love to change jobs but there isn't much out there - plus, there isn't really anywhere where I'd have the kind of benefits I have now, and if we end up having to go the medical intervention route, I will need them. It's an oh-so-lovely catch-22!

Penelope, I know it's been a month since you wrote, so I hope you can still see my reply. I have had some similar circumstances as you. I've been married for 3 years, and I have been off b.c. for 2 years - but SERIOUS trying for 9 months or more.
In response to your husband's behavior - I can relate. I think after dealing with some of the same things you have, I realized that it is a huge blow to a man's pride if he thinks he is part of the problem. Everytime I would mention that "it's time" or "I'm ovulating" he would sigh and roll his eyes, like it was a chore. That is what it became. I finally took a couple months where I didn't mention it ONCE and he ended up asking me when.

We are still trying, and I have been on chlomid twice now. I took it for 2 months about 4 months ago, and took a break, then I'm trying it again now, and just finished my first month on it (the second time). Day 33 of cycle and I'm freaking out! I wish you luck as well! It will happen!