Another rejection

Another job application rejected. I'm going to take my Bible and work this out...I'm not going to go out like this.

hey rreigning i wish that was easier to spell lol iam sure youll get a good letter soon i like your attitude to it though never go down without a fight wait that sounded bad lol you get what i mean anyway

Awwww thanks :) Yeah I'm getting a good way though. And you got the name right, it's hard for even me to spell. If I had the money I'd just get a food truck. End of story, be my own boss, get this show on the road. But faith will win out and there'll be a good letter soon. You're very kind, thanks :)

Yes faith is very powerful! Find that strengths n keep it going! Best wishes to you!

Thanks Hon:) best wishes for you also!

Thank you! Send some prayers my way while your at it lol ! I'll do the same (employment is necessary in my household too!)

After an traumatic experience on dec 20th i was a disposable employee again ,4th time since lost my job as public school teacher.It seems like prevailing attitude is "I've got mine, to heck with yours".I have a house on the line.I am all alone ,no spouse or significant other, but am weighing a posiible good option of moving into my parents rental property. Just makes me so sad because I gave 110% to each job-it does not seem like just your great work and being a good employee is enough anymore. I am 47 in that demo group having big problem for various reasons can't quite figure it out in a metro area of high unemployment. Today(this just since dec 26th 2012)- after a total of 169 online applications and 3 interviews- I would say I am resigned to quit this-I have been a wife and mom for over 25 plus years raised 4 kids ,got a real campus college degree, worked part time 20 plus years and try hard at anything I do- but i can not handle this anymore on my own ,it is stressing me out so bad living each week not knowing if can even find enough private work(no work is beneath me) 'Am i going to be able to pay mortgage?' each and every week wondering(in my state 60 days late is foreclosure) which has never been late because of that but not knowing the above long term for yrs now(especially, now if I don't believe, trust ability to have regular employment..... IT is just too much) 5 years of this alone (God always there) but maybe fighting His will now ,broke and tore my knee to shreds this summer falling off ladder after this hardheaded 47 yr old woman tried climbing on her roof to clean the gutters-i paid people before for plumbing leaking toilets tree limbs too big etc.-was it worth that!AT least i know i tried guess i will have to see how feel later-I now have a total joint(knee replacement that is all metal now due to that injury before age 50 they can not use bone cement )and took all, by bones jamming together, entire cartilege out so my lesson don't be hard headed ask for help or just don't do something you know is too much.
-but that was/is with a lot of sacrafice I chose and was worth it too me, (even trash and tv service off but ok as not homeless ) on very small starter home so grateful for 15 yrs thru mortgage ,that in a normal economy would not be problem!i could find steady work then,always have been able to before THIS mess!-i have been fighting since 2009, just barely holding one,"try one more month, one more yr it has to get better"fight off the nay-sayers, that and God being number one provided enough but .......something just broke in my heart and soul this time on above described dec 20th when asked to leave out back door by the trash bins,when i loved my job,gave all i had plus more to that job ,loved who i worked for ,loved who i worked with, loved what I did. WOW a sucker punch, I did not see coming ,so I will continue to pray for guidance(all can do at this point)
but how can I ever trust any employer in this economy if my work at 110% is just not good enough?
Again "MY TODAY" decision(subject to change but doubt it) is simply to just quit fighting ,accept a new path,even though hurts(i love my home now) and this is not what i dreamed of and have been trying so hard to keep at ...maybe i will label myself retired, i have earned it and volunteer somewhere. Makes me sad to think a decade and a half of good working yrs are not viable for me where i live- i get 700 in alimony and only income ,no unemployment- the rental property could someday be my home,as owned by family asking only 30% for rent (thank you!)(but that can bring new problems of course)...i have went into a depression,LIKE STEPPING INTO DEEP HOLE CAN'T CLIMB OUT OF JUST over this and don't have the fight left in me.. its GONE AND LEFT THAT MOMENT she(BOSS) SAID "WE JUST DON'T NEED YOU ANYMORE" AND SHOWED ME the BACK DOOR less then 5 min after that (day of company Christmas party ,that night even),lol AND another one bites the dust( yes was used,as "employee" while convenient for them-and they were dishonest about it was not a temp job) but there I GO AGAIN 3 time in 3yrs, plus that recovery from surgery on knee , well straw that broke the camels broke me DEC 20TH but my Faith,ability to forgive ,most of all His grace will see me through somehow.(just do not know where yet)

BUT YOU ,WHO DO STILL FEEL STRONG or especially if are new college grad, just DONT FOLLOW MY EXAMPLE instead use my experience to help you,ask questions ,stay wise about jobs you may take,look at turnover rates for that position since 2008, open your eyes to expect your hard work may not be enough, if your aware of that maybe you can avoid my outcome, then KEEP TRYING! KEEP UP THE FIGHT AND KEEP CLOSE TO GOD!you and many each day can survive this. (I just took one to many risky jobs with built in bad outcomes for me in short amount of time to survive more that I personally could handle to where i am at this point of throwing in the towel ,of even thinking an employer would respect my good work or care) If had strength- even I would know that just can't even statistically be true for all employers or all jobs-****just PACE your soul in this...i burned out because i didn't*** those who know and understand are cheering you on with every step you take!!!YOU can do this. you can be ok. but number one PLEASE wherever you are at in your journey (this mess of unemployment under conditions worse than most have known,yes also,that many who did not work in sector that got slammed by this can't and don't understand),
know YOU ARE NOT ALONE, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE ,even when it feels like you are -unemployment can be very isolating! and that is not your fault (nor mine) -know many prayers of people going through same thing are with you! and that is powerful it helped me to write this sorry so long thanks for letting me share