Another story, a nurse who was pregnant, still working and p

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Another story, a nurse who was pregnant, still working and put off getting vaccinated because was pregnant, lost the baby, lost her life. Now there is a little girl without a mama and young widower. Folks there are a lot things in life we aren't sure how they make it, makeup, medicine, sunscreen, tattoo ink, permanent cosmetics, heck, all the tech they but inside people to keep them alive, pacemakers, hip replacements, knee replacements...we don't know all the components or long term effects, but we are fine with it. So when the top scientists say the shot is safe, when the FDA says it is safe, please get the shot!!!!!

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That's just sad, it confuses me because these are the same people walking around on infant immunizations shots that allowed many to attend school at 5yrs old. I dont see the chicken pox as much as we did 20yrs ago. Just venting, Forgive me.

Po children and I was one, looking like a zombie with that white Calomine lotion on. Itching and scratching like little addicts.

I just want the scientists to do some research when it comes to people being pregnant making decisions whether they should vaccinate or not.

I think what happened with people being against vaccines actually started with flu shot. Lot of science and talk going around about how it can lower immunity, and cause immune disorders. I remember concerns of flu shot being linked to autism. I remember it started with flu shot years ago. Now, the fear of the vaccines not being approved by fda, but I know they just approved Pfizer. I think soon all the COVID vaccines will be fda approved. Unfortunately, there’s so much misinformation getting circulated since start of pandemic that confuses people. Fear and anxiety plays part of it, as well as antivaccine websites and social media. I’ve came across someone paranoid to even get COVID test. Apparently, he heard somewhere that there’s organisms on the swab itself or something. I just said…well, if there stuff on that swab it is too late for me! I have never witnessed so much unrest and fear before like I’ve seen with this virus and vaccines. It’s true though what you say… there’s so much we are around on a daily we have no idea what we’re ingesting and putting in our body. Also, there’s lot affecting us in the environment unavoidable. Pollution in environment is most certainly making people ill without them even realizing. Pesticide/herbicides/waste runoff from plants is all out there. I’m my opinion, there’s really no way to completely be safe n certain about everything. Therefore, I took my vaccine. I’ve taken medication with little concern or paranoia about the side effects in past and unfortunately most things will give side effects. These vaccine so far give little side effects from what I personally could tell from friends n coworkers who got 6 months ago. It’s far less severe side effects than COVID could possibly give. The most reported I heard is day of feeling sick. These reports of people getting blood clots, etc. I believe is low percentage compared to majority of people taking. I’m glad you got your vaccine!

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I am grateful to have health insurance, many people do not. Thus I have drs in my life that I have been working with closely for years. I am not a dr so I need to be able to believe recommendations of my medical support team. If you do not have a trusted personal physician it may be difficult to know what to do. My dr said vaccine is better than dead more than once. It would have been a far more Difficult decision for me to make if I hadn’t had professionals that I have long-term relationships with.

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People are overthinking the vaccine. Either get it or risk death.
Hear being forced to take is not right. I say not taking it is not right. You are either helping to get rid of COVID via vaccination. Or you are helping to spread it.
More and more children are catching this terrible virus. It needs to be stopped!

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Who remembers when AIDS was the plague?
If you were caught having unprotected sex with people knowing you had AIDS you were thrown in jail for attempted murder. And If a person died from AIDS by your actions you were guilty of homicide.

Here's something to think about. Instead of pressuring people to get vaccinated put them in jail.
Why? Because the overall freedoms of the US have been stripped by COVID. Freedom to assemble. Freedom to work. Freedom to go to school. Promote the general welfare. If everyone had been vaccinated by now there would be no need for masks. Businesses would be fully open. People would be back to work. Kids would be going to school. Hospitals wouldn't be full of sick and dying COVID patients. Why should the vaccinated ones be punished?!
We are doing time for other people selfishness.
Where is our freedom?

*Brainwashing requires isolation just as abuse requires silence. Removing yourself from isolation does not end the brainwashing by itself. You must gather around you people who know you are being abused and who serve as voices of reason in your brainwashed, surreal world.* relationshipabuse–

Seems we won't get our freedoms back until the unvaccinated ones have perished. Is sad really. But they made their choice.
Education and lack of mandates won't bring them back from their graves.
Sad. Really really sad.
Boyfriend refuses to get vaccinated. He has heard everything I have about COVID. so he is educated about it. More education is not going to save him.
Have to think about what to do when he is gone. Funeral arrangements, selling the house, where to move to, what to do with his stuff, etc.
So sad.
Bribery would motivate him to get vaccinated. Not a lottery, actual cash in hand. Mandate would piss him off but he would do it if he has to.
like paying taxes.
Still is sad people don't want to save themselves. Would rather risk death than get shots.

@Inmylittleroom I’m ok with him being payed for the shot.It’s a small price to support public safety. I prefer the carrot to the stick if at all possible. No one likes to pay taxes but we do. In 1968, I’m sure there was a s**t show of outrage over seatbelts becoming law. Before 1967, interracial marriages were illegal in the state of Virginia . Yes, if people would do the right thing, we would not need legal intervention.

Waiting for the first COVID movie.
Wonder how accurate it will be.

Mask mandates can only work so far. Will only stall COVID. Will not extinguish it. Education can help unbrainwash red wing rhetoric.
I am not a fan of jail time. Threw that out for discussion. Also brought up carrying a gun. No one said anything on that. I don't have a gun. But feel is alright that others do (along as they don't use to commit crimes).
I am pro mask mandates. I am on the fence about vaccination mandates. What are schools doing now when children don't have their usual shots?
When my son went to school it was required.
Be safe.

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They can’t require vaccinations in the younger kids. Kids under 12 are not allowed to get vaccinated. When the politicians decided to politicize covid they screwed us all. Now I mostly blame the republicans for that but there were some democrats where i live who were doing it to. I don’t know how to fix it. We are so deep into this now I don’t know if it can. I want people to listen to there doctors. Before I got vaccinated I sat down with my neurologist and he walked me through how the vaccine could effect each of my meds. He then told me I would be fine to get vaccinated. He just didn’t want me to get the Johnson and Johnson because in his opinion the other 2 would be easier for me to handle. He told me in his medical opinion everyone should get the vaccine. That is what I want people to do. But while I am wishing for that I should wish to win the lottery because both have as much chance of happening.

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