Anti Bullying PSA

This is an anti-bullying PSA that was shown in my friend's school, done by a friend of his. It's a good piece to show to kids.

Drake, thank you so much for sharing that very powerful PSA. I hope that you continue to spread this message, as I believe that we need to continue to bring light to it. We need to show people that it is not ok to just stand by and watch someone be tormented. These actions can have a lifelong effect on someone. I recently saw a piece on the news that a mother taped her daughter bullying another girl and documented her getting into an all out fight, while she and others watched. What kind of disturbing message is this sending out? It was awful.

Thanks again for sharing this PSA!

Hey Drake,
Thanks for that piece. Keep sharing all that you can. Think we could need an army here to stop bullying and give people back what bullies take from them.

Love to you
Moongal x