Antidepressants during grieving process?

I am on day 2 of antidepressant. I felt like I was drowning in grief and couldn't stand how it made me feel like I couldn't concentrate, motivate, or start and finish a task. It's a scary feeling. Went to my first counseling appt. today. I filed for divorce May 23 against all I ever wanted but felt I had no choice. Long story short, the counselor wishes I had NOT taken the meds because he believes I am experiencing intense grieving, which is normal, and not depression. After just 2 days on meds, I could stop if I had to. The counselor wasn't saying to stop, he was just saying I shouldn't have started, and that grieving a loss hurts, period. It is not depression. Any thoughts from those who are on meds for this process or who explicitly decided not to take them for this process? By the way, 2 days of antidepressants does NOTHING for pain of grieving, not that I expected it to. I'd hate to think I"m putting this **** in my body to feel just as horrible in a month. I do not want to mask pain, but I do want to make it bearable so I can function in my daily life. Thoughts? I feel a bit crazy now.

Soft first what kind of meds are you taking? that kind of helps to know what you can expect as it takes effect. I was on Lexapro it helped me allot you know why I can't right now take any thing I do not think there is any reason why you shouldn't be on them while you feel the need I believe that anything that can help you function while you are handling this mess is worth it only you know if it is or not. What you've been fighting with this week is not just grieving and I believe you can benifit from them for the time being if your MD said it was fine listen to him the counselor isn't with you 24 hrs a day if she was then you wouldn't be in this mess to start with.

I was given Wellbutrin SR and I will take one a day in the morning for 7 days and then add one more at night soon.

wellbutrin is a minor one but good tested well I do not think you will have a problem with it . That one tends to need the 21 days to take its full effect but once it does you should feel better it is not a high lifting med but one that is good to give a mild pick up to get you started again

Good I need something to lift me but not numb me. I do not want to be on it forever and I do not want to go through a long withdrawal process when I finally start feeling like myself again. I also don't want it to mask my pain so that I have to continue a grieving process one minute longer than necessary if I go off the meds. I know it won't take the pain away but I just need to be able to function.

I have known several people on it and none of those things happen on it. You can ease off or just stop but it wont numb you or delay your healing just give you the jump start to not feel so overwhelmed by it I think you should stay with it. You might find that it gets you over this hurdle you've been stuck on and if it might delay you a small bit is that not worth a bit of easier air to breath? it's never easy to grieve but if something can make it a little easier for you then I say do it. That counselor doesn't have to do the work for you so it's easy for them to say not to take it but what if they had to be the one to live with it then wouldn't they want something to help them? you also have to think about your daughter if you are not functioning then what is that going to do for her she already has one dysfunctional parent does she need another right now?

No she needs me to function and I could feel myself drowning so I asked the doc to help. If you could see my laundry piled up and fast food wrappers on the table you'd know I needed those meds. My house looks like **** and is a direct reflection of how I am feeling. Not good.

then there is your own answer I would said. Only you know your own body and mind if you feel it's needed then it is these doctors do not have to live our life so they can suggest what to do but if they had to live it for us I am **** sure they would be on anything they could get to make it a whole lot easier for them.

Yes, I am looking for any lifeline at this point. Whether it's this forum, my counselor, or antidepressants, I'm in no position to turn down help.

your doing great and will continue to get better just give them it time

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