Anxiety brought about by obsessive tendency

I've been suffering from Anxiety for about three years now. It started out as a total fear of Insomnia, and then just built its way up to totally controlling almost all aspects of my life. To put it blandly, it sucks.
I walk about three miles a day mostly out of impulsive worrying, and I repeat a lot of things. I know it sounds like OCD, but anxiety has a huge part to do with it. If I don't do something according to routine, I get freaked out.
I'm already on some medication for anxiety, but if anything it's temporary relief. Like putting a band aid on skin cancer.

Hi Spoons,
I have also been dealing with anxiety issues for several years. It got to the point where I was so nervous that I didn't want to even leave my house. I was afraid to go into public places, make telephone calls, and talk to people. I had always had this constant hum of anxiety. I was also put on meds and they did not result in a magic cure for me. Although they did help, I was still unsatisfied with the amount of anxiety I was having.
Do you have a counselor?? I would highly recommend one. I started going to one when I was in the peak of my anxiety and now I am so much better. Once you start venting and talking about your anxiety, some answers/solutions unfold. I found that just by talking to another person that my life could change. My counselor always breaks things down and shows me how I am actually increasing my own anxiety by over analyzing, magnifying things, personalizing things, and having all or nothing feelings. My counselor can kind of talk me down and open my eyes up to different solutions on how to cope with my anxiety and she teaches me tricks to stop anxiety from ocurring in the first place. Another thing I do often is type down all my feelings of anxiety. Then I go back and really read through them. I often find irrational things in my anxiety that I can reword or solve on my own. I hope this helps a little. Let me know if you ever want to vent!!

First off, thank you for taking the time to comment. It's appreciated on so many levels.
I understand where you coming from on the idea of over analyzing thoughts. I didn't really realize this until a few months a go. I try to go with the "it's all in my head" thing, but it doesn't really seem to work for me. It just seems like its not immediate, not that it should be, but when ever I'm really nervous, I don't take things rationally.Its like a large group of people under mass panic, any irrational thought seems like it can take advantage and take over the course of my life for months at a time.
As for acecess to a counselor, I would've gone a long time ago, had I had means. My parents do a lot of things to try and help me, giving money to see a shrink isn't one of them. Not that I'm not ungrateful. Believe me, I am, but they don't think a counselor is the only way for me to help my self.
Once again, thank you for posting. I really,really appreciate it.