Anxiety + insomnia friend

Hello, I’m 20 years old and i’m suffering from anxiety during the day and insomnia at night. I’m on medication but sometimes once a week approximately even with pills i have troubles : fast heart beating and impossibility to fall asleep however being really sleepy. It’s been almost a year since this started. I’m looking for a friend of ~my age with similar issues to support each other. Today I’m so down, I have no desire to move, study or support myself. I feel miserable since the pils are not working properly or they are? How can you tell that meds are helping? Like if I experience anxiety but I manage it 5/7 days and 2/7 days I fail to cope with it, is it appropriate? How can I know that it’s better to change meds(with a doctor ofc)
contact me who needs a friend with similar issues

We removed your email as we recommend not sharing personal information. Second, if you feel that your medication isn’t working well and you have tried to manage everything and you have been on this dose for awhile, then it might be time to talk about a medication dose increase or a new medication all together. No, medication won’t work all the time and this MAY be perfectly normal, but it is never a bad idea to talk to your doctor and have an open and honest conversation.