Anxiety seems to run my life anymore. being on ambien for ye

Anxiety seems to run my life anymore. being on ambien for years made it worse. I can't strike a conversation with someone without wanting to run away and be alone. simple things like someone coming over to visit make my anxiety flare horribly. At work I manage to make it through, putting on a facade so to speak. Once I'm off. It's like I lose the ability to do that. my brain never stops. It's constantly weighing risks for things that shouldn't even be a worry. Feels like I'm going crazy.

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instead of worry thoughts try to repeat encouraging words over and and over what do u think

Gotta love anxiety. (Not) It really does suck worrying about the worst case scenerio all the time. Sometimes,that's okay,but mostly it's just exhausting. I decided one day that I wasn't going to let anxiety win. Yes,it may be there still, aggravating the crap out of me. However, I've learned to silence the little voice that whispers "go ahead and panic now..for no good rational reason at all" Because it's just not beneficial to me. I know how hard it is,but a little bit of uncomfortable feelings won't kill you. So,my advice? (This is coming from someone who has taken over four antidepressants in my lifetime,multiple times, and no therapy at the moment. Just personal experience) Start small. What makes you uncomfortable? For me,it was walking in a crowded resturaunt. It literally terrified me. Guess what? Now I work in one, dealing with the customers. Take baby steps, and no matter how uncomfortable the anxiety gets,silence that whisper. It's not beneficial to you. Never give up.

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Thank you for the advice. It is a a consolation just hearing from someone who has successfully battled it.

@hiram101281 I deal with it everyday. It’s so hard. I’m still not able to work yet. I’m really glad that you can though! Even if it seems like you’re just “going through the motions”. My therapist said, sometimes you have to make yourself do the things you used to before the anxiety. If you do, more often than not, you’ll remember why you liked doing them in the first place. Someone on here said not to forget to give yourself credit. Even if it seems like something that should be no big deal for others. So, props man. If you need someone to talk to, I’m here. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice ! I'll try to keep some of that in mind, and thanks for offering to talk :)

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@hiram101281 Anytime. Hope you have a good day from here on out. :slight_smile:

You don't "lose" any ability.You are conditioned like most people. Work has become like habit. You have trained your brain to not be afraid of that which your inner wisdom knows you need to survive. And that is very good and shows strength and wisdom. Look up Abraham Hicks on Youtube.

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