Anxiety to go alone anywhere by myself

i am new here and wanted to join to see if there are other with the same anxietys i have.i always think no one likes me.when i am off work all i do is stay home like it is my comfort blanket.i am dont want to shop alone or go anywhere that is unknown to me.i am good when i get to work but i do feel like people ar staring at me in my car when i drive.i amsowhite because i dont do much outside my home.many more anxiety i have .i need a friend

Hi marieceleste35 my name is Monica and welcome to SG. I am sorry for what you are going through. I know it must be hard on you. I am here and if you want to talk send me a message.

hi marieceleste,
I hope you are going through hard time. "First study the problem well answer lies in it" says phycologists. Anxiety is a part of everybodies life but it may wary low to high. I have been suffering with this since 10 yrs. Don't get dejected. With all your knowledge and wisdom you can win the race. Read inspiring books when you feel depressed. Don't get addicted to this syndrome. shake off the thoughts that are frustating you. Do things repeatedly that are hurting you. Definitely you can face them. I am so experienced in it please listen to me that you can live how you want to be.
Don't be alone. Always try to be engaged in some work or friends. Empty mind is devils own residence is the saying. Staying alone will aggravate your problem. Optimism is life. Pessimism is death.
If you are unable to change the situation. Go to physcologist, read physcology books. This syndrome may be due to some harmone changes in brain.
Feel free to mail me at [email protected]. I can assist you