Well, yes, the time has come where I do need someone (s)to help me right now. I just recieved a call from my ex. inviting me over just to hang out. Tell me what excuse I can use to not go. My car is in his name so I have to be diplamatic. But even after all these months, When he asked for me I still get butterflies in my stomach. GOD,I loved him so much at one time.
Anyway, is there anyone out there with any ideas?


I'm guessing that the car itself is paid for. Is The registration in your name? If not, It's still considered his car. So that just leaves the plates and insurance. Which again I'm presuming that you're paying for?

Do you know any one at all that would be willing to transfer that to their name. That may even entitle them to a multi-car discount?

If it's possible to do that, then you don't need an excuse, You can just tell him the truth.

Or, Still being truthful. You could just tell him you just don't feel up to it right now. Or you have other concerns at the moment.

Or You could even tell him you met someone else you like. You "don't" have to "give him any details". Let his imagination toss that around for a while and see how many incorrect assumptions he can come up with.

Peace Out

Thanks kid,

"You made me smile. And it hasent been that easy in a long, long while. J.Browne
Naturally, you come with good, sage advice. Unfortunately, I recieved it after going over there and play listening
friend to him and his new found problems. He was nice, I was nice albeit scared and uncomfortable. I think next time I hear from him I’ll give him your last option.
Right now, I just feel drained by having to keep my defenses up. Don’t know what he’s up to but something as usual.

Thanks for the time…


yeah I thought that last one sounded like fun ;-)

Hang in there Kid.


Gotta hand it to Trick loved that last option :)