Anxious about work

I have made my decision to go back to work. I took a leave of absence because my stress level got SO high, I felt like I was going to explode. Between trying to deal with my 16 year old and then work on top of that, I knew I needed a break. I have been off now for about 1.5 months. I honestly could just cry when I think of walking back in there and my stomach is in knots thinking about it. I know my boss is going to make my life there a living hell, for taking the time off. He is just a complete **** that way. But the longer I sit in this house, the more depressed I am getting. And the longer I am inside, I don't want to go all. Not even to the store. I can't hide in my house forever and I don't want to waste even more time just....existing. But I don't know how I'm going to walk through the door next week.(I already told them I was coming back)Does anyone have any suggestions,thoughts on how I can go about doing this? I feel so weak and pathetic. I am trying to not feel guilty for taking the time off in the first place, but that is not going so well. I am very good at feeling guilty.

ive been in a similar situation. being off work for weeks, months. because everytime i tried to go back i ended up havin major panic attacks.
luckily my boss was more than understanding and helped me in anyway possible.

are you closer or more comfortable with any colleagues that you could meet before work and then walk in together?
if you're so worried about your boss's reaction, is there any internal counselling? or a union? just for you to have some back up?


Hi! I do have some co workers that are kind of like friends to me. I have been to my workplace since I've been off a few times. People have said that they are glad I'm coming back.So that is encouraging. It is mainly the manager of the company. I have had nightmares about this person, I am telling you. He really stresses me out to the point that I am in tears alot at work. But when I think about it, no one there likes this guy. Everyone is always complaining about him. But seeing where he is the manager, I have to put up with him. All I can do is try to avoid him. I was on stress leave over a year ago, and he seemed fine with me then when I came back. But this time I think he is going to be a **** about it because I did it again. But between everything that is going on with my son, and then him on my case at work. I was having panic attacks daily. And I have to work with the public so it is SO hard on my stress level. I go back to my doctor this week, and I want to have a decision made by then.....

im glad you've got friends at works, that can be so helpful especially if the boss is such an idiot.

what is your choices for the decision?